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  1. I too feel that NCL is behaving unethically. I was scheduled for a weekend cruise with my two daughters, 3/27-3/30. I had made the reservation personally and paid the entire amount on my credit card. The form for requesting a refund was not available until 3/23. I completed and requested the refund. I received an email confirming my "future cruise credit" which I did not request. I completed the form again on 3/25, this time receiving a confirmation email telling me that I would have to wait 90 days for the refund. Yesterday, both of my daughters received emails saying that if they did
  2. I know NCL is struggling, but surely they could have just put a "be patient" message on their website, at least to those of us who've been cancelled. When I log in to NCL, my reservation is showing "payment due" - and it was totally prepaid. Is anyone else in the same situation showing "payment due"? Of course when I click on that link, it takes me to a an error page saying their site needed to take a "short vacation". I don't believe anyone in their IT department or working the phones is on vacation right now, more like mandatory overtime. I'm one of the lucky ones who waited to cancel
  3. I was booked on Princess 4/18-25 and NCL 3/27-30. Princess is offering 100% cash refund plus 25% cruise credit, or 175% cruise credit with no cash back. I might be tempted to take the credit if NCL upped it a bit, but if nothing changes, I'll take the cash. I don't think the current administration will let the cruise line industry go under. Not that I'm a fan, but he is all about business.
  4. Just hung up with NCL. My daughters and I are booked on the Sky for a weekend getaway 3/27-3/30. We booked an inside with beverage package, total cost was $1540. They are now offering balcony with beverage package, excursion credit and $100 OBC for $1471. Agent said they "won't take a loss in revenue", and said next step up would cost us $315 additional (aft balcony). Also said that we could not cancel and then rebook the same cruise using the credit. Just in case of someone on board being diagnosed, I am not thrilled with the idea of being restricted to an inside cabin breathing recircu
  5. My daughters and I have booked a weekend cruise out of Miami. We booked an inside with beverage and gratuities, but at this time, the cost of a balcony with the same options, plus $100 on board credit, plus restaurant upgrade is less than what we’ve already paid. I would feel much better about going on the cruise with a balcony because of the fresh air. Does anyone know if we could cancel and rebook the same cruise with the upgrades?
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