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  1. I have this offer, also. I checked the fine print, and it allows you to book 2 cruises. A Hot Streak offer is one of the various offers from the casino/Players Club(also have premier, ultra, elite all based on play/$) rwilk1129: you can book this offer yourself online, after logging into Carnival's website.
  2. I have this offer, too. I checked the fine print, and it does say it's good for up to 2 cruises Happy travels!
  3. Congrats on your offer! I do have a question about the cruise charges, when you mention about the fuel supplement. Has this been reinstated? Thank s.
  4. I think you could order a Pina Colada, or Margarita, or whatever you like, and just have the bartender make them with no alcohol. Virgin drinks! Happy cruising!
  5. I know that Elite is a higher level than Ultra. I don't know of any levels, between these 2. I believe that, even on Elite cruises, there are limited sailings to choose from. Don't know, if this is helpful, or not. Happy cruising!
  6. I think if you contacted the Mexican Consulates office, they would be able to provide you with the info you needed. Your son may also consider getting a tourist visa, from the consulate 's office. ( or perhaps a travel agency?). Best wishes, and happy cruising!
  7. Thanks, Lazydayz. Happy cruising!
  8. Today I received an email from Carnival, that on Nov. 7th, they will send out the invitations for Ultra cruises in 2020. Hopefully, I'll be able to go on my 1st one. Are these usually 7 day cruises? Thanks in advance!
  9. Yes, thanks for sharing, and providing us with updated/accurate information. Did I understand you correctly, that in order to play in the slot tournament, you have to have an additional 2000 points (which would not be a problem for me!), even for being on a Premier cruise? 9 sea day s. I can get into enough trouble with 3-4 sea days! Happy crusing!
  10. On my 1st cruise, I found out, that I am prone to sea sickness. (And this was on the Inside Passsage, going south from Whittier-not even the "open seas"). I did a lot of research, and found out what worked for me. I took a bonine, each morning and evening, starting the day before the cruise. I also took ginger capsules, the same way. I never got sick again.Bonine did not make me sleepy, and I could still drink adult beverages.Smooth sailings!
  11. If the slot is not being played, you could just ask, in a courteous manner, that if it is available, you'd like to play. Has always worked for me! Happy cruising.
  12. Yes, it is. I know too well! Be careful. You should see some of the casino offers I receive, from a "mistake-in judgement", I made a few years ago.
  13. My 2nd cruise was in 11-07, to the Southern Caribbean, out of San Juan. My entire cruise was paid for, but since the oil was over $70.00 a barrel, the dreaded fuel surcharge was added.This is to the best of my knowledge. I don't know how long it was imposed for.
  14. As MT_Sea_Cruisers mentioned, in essence, it's a roll of the dice😉! I only play the slots. I find that if I tip really well, the servers come around fairly often, whether I am playing or not. Happy cruising!
  15. Earlier this year, I had a friend who was flying from Philadelphia to Peru for a vacation. When he arrived at the Lima airport in Peru, he was sent directly back to the U.S. as his passport, was going to expire in less than 6 months. What a pain. Even though it may be a closed loop cruise, I would get a new passport. There's still time, though it may cost a little more, if it needs to be expediated.
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