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  1. I got my 1st flipper, when I was in 5th grade. I knocked out my 2 front teeth, on the ice at school during recess, and they were my adult teeth.😢 Hope you get your tooth issue resolved, so you can enjoy your upcoming cruise. Happy cruising!😁
  2. I had to re-read the o.p.'s message. He said he moved from a cove, to deck 10 then changed it to deck 8 . Cabin 8740.
  3. Yes, regular mail, but as "Cap" mentioned, I did use certified mail, so I could track it being delivered.
  4. Sorry that happened to you, Virga. Earlier this year, I also had my passport photo taken at a pharmacy. The photo was horrible, and a lot had to do with the lighting. Not to do any thing with vanity, I knew I wouldn't be able to live with photo. So, I went to the local photo shop I went to the last time for passport renewal. This photo was much better. I'm still a fat old man, but the lighting was better! (and, at least, I could live with it .....in my twilight years!)
  5. Too funny!!!! Poor Judy- talk about having "5:00 shadow"!
  6. I did not do the expedited service, and my renewed one was returned by regular mail. It took an additional 5 weeks to get my original one mailed back. just a regular envelope/ regular mail.
  7. Carnival's cruises in 2022 will start and end in Seattle with a stop in Victoria ( except for its cruises out of S.F.), just as an fyi.
  8. Maybe for Carnival's ships they could say "whale tail away"!!! (Sorry, happy hour here has started) !!!!
  9. Thanks for all the answers/perspectives. I have always thought of "sail away" for cruises, and "all aboard"when riding trains/Amtrak.
  10. As an "older" adult, I've noticed that the cruises to Alaska have less of a party atmosphere, overall. People go on these cruises to see the flora, fauna, and glaciers, as well as the coastal communities/history of the gold rush, etc.
  11. Thanks Virga "V" for info on the speak easy. Every year Tucson has Dillinger Days. I've never participated, but it's always fun to see all the folks dressed to the nines, and driving around in their classic, gangster cars! Pesto pasta is the best! Hope you feel better, so you can enjoy the rest of your cruise!
  12. If one is lucky enough to get an invite to the speakeasy, does carnival provide the period costumes, or does one pack a costume, in hopes of receiving, an invitation? Thanks in advance.
  13. No problem for me seeing the duplicates! Enjoying your photos, and stories. The chocolate martini looks good. I'd try it. I don't know if 007 would, as he likes his martinis "shaken, not stirred"!😁
  14. Sorry to hear about your bad experiences, especially, after needing to wait so long to go on a cruise again. It May take awhile to get a response, if you even get one. I haven't been on a cruise in several years, but seem to remember, that at the end of the cruise, you could fill out a card, and add comments, which was then returned to guest services. . Maybe they don't do this anymore?
  15. Wow. Thanks for the info. I checked and I have the Hot Steak offer- free interior, free drinks, and $200 casino play.
  16. I personally don't think It is a bait and switch. I think there are only a certain number of allocated cabins at the promotional rates. Once they are booked, need to book at nonpromotional rates.
  17. Since your booking is so far out-even for final payment-would you be able to just cancel, without any fees or penalties, and just book a new cruise? (It may depend on the rate you booked it?) Hope it all works out for you, in your favor.)
  18. Yes, so attractive, and, so very pricey! I don't know why I can't use any of my casino promos- they 're good even for Australia, and that 's much farther away!😮😉!!!
  19. This reminds me of the day, when people could smoke on airlines. Of course they had smoking and non-smoking sections. It seemed like I always got the seat in the no smoking section, just behind the smoking section!😬 I would have been on the Panorama in Dec., but postponed cruising for now.
  20. I only play the slots. I could "teach" how to lose $ $$$😬!!! The only thing I've ever heard about craps is to "take the dice from the baby, he/she is crapping on the floor"😇!!!! Happy cruising!!!
  21. Well, I guess I'm a whiner. I can live with that! I booked a cruise last Dec. for one this Dec. At the time, I thought the pandemic would be behind us. Earlier this week, I rebooked for one next Aug. It's vacation. I just didn't want to deal with the masks and testing.
  22. Last Dec., I independently booked a cruise on CCL, even though I had a pvp. (She was out of office for family emegency). On Monday, I called my pvp, and she was able to cancel and rebook my cruise for a later date. Hope this works out for you.
  23. That puts these cruises thru the end of Dec. These will be "vaccinated" cruises. Even though I had 2 vaccinations and will get the booster, I just didn't want to deal with the masks, and tests, while I was on vacation. Therefore, on Monday I rebooked my Dec. cruise to Mexico, out of Long Beach to August of next year. I believe that (many) others may be doing the same thing, which is why there may be more cabins opening up, and Carnival is wanting to fill those cabins. This is all, just in my own opinion.
  24. On Monday, I called my pvp and left a message. I received a call back about 2 minutes later. She's a keeper!😉!!!
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