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  1. We are excited to be taking this cruise next year. Just booked it today with our Princess agent. MY DH is mobile but not for long piers like some in the Caribbean..he walks with a cane..for those of you who have been to Greenland, please let me know if the piers are a long walk..I can't tell from the pictures. Thanks very much.
  2. Thank you everybody for your prompt responses to my post re not able to use the Medallion. First, we have been loyal Princess cruisers for many years and as one poster suggested that we look for a cruise line that does not employ this system...that to me is an insensitive reply. Nor, if I had a nut allergy would I expect the cruise line to cease offering nuts! Faced with the potential situation with the Medallion, I simply put it out on Cruise Critic to find out if any of you have dealt with the problem/or will be dealing with it and what have you/or are you doing about it. I appreciate the quote of keeping it 6" away from the medical implants. On a lanyard it is impossible and the option of wearing it on the wrist would require constant vigilance that he would not bring it near the chest or face areas. On our b2b Regal cruises in December/January, he was given the regular card to use...no problem from Princess personnel. However, I have been led to believe from reading postings on Cruise Critic that this option will not be available for our next cruises in December/January. So, I posted the question to all of you for some guidance/experience with this type of situation. You have been very helpful! I will let you know when I find out the answer to my questions about the Medallion. Again, thanks very much for your thoughtful replies to my question.
  3. My DH has implants that prevent him from using the Medallion. We were on the Regal Princess in December/January and were not sent in advance the Medallion so had no problem upon checking in to request the ship card only. We are booked on the Sky Princess for the holidays and then later on the Caribbean Princess. Who do we contact in advance to make sure that the Medallion is not mailed to our home because we can't use them. Also, we usually leave for Florida a week or two in advance of our sailing so it won't reach us for either sailings. I appreciate any insight you can give us on how to handle this. Thanks very much.
  4. My DH has mobility problems -- he can walk but not down and back long piers. We have never been to Falmouth before and would appreciate it if you could let us now how much walking he will have to do when he gets off the ship to the port where the shops and restaurants are located. It would be good if he could just get off the ship and have an opportunity to sit at a restaurant and see that part of Falmouth. We wish there were golf carts for transportation but that they are available in few ports. Thanks very much in advance for your input in this matter.
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