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  1. I get it .Fred wants a quiet life ,or cruise rather , and not total chaos during the voyage . He wants to know that every passenger has their day two test sorted ,ready for home . The tests , he can sort ,and the forms ,his staff ,albeit at a cost , will help passengers with if needs be .
  2. From the P&O website , "During your holiday, destinations on your itinerary may have various documentation requirements. You are responsible for meeting the entry requirements of each destination "
  3. You can set up an account on the gov website for the plf, earlier ,but you can't complete it until 48 hours before you arrive in the uk. At the moment, to complete it ,you need to enter the day 2 test order number . I've observed my daughters Spanish health form as, she's just back and off again next week. I've the app ready on my phone P&O also do state passengers are required to complete documentation for other ports . They probably will provide all info needed in good time with links etc. Who knows. Spanish health form has a,maritime option but Portuguese, asks for a flight and seat number . Hey ho, it'll all work out
  4. It's not only the UK PLF, Spain and Portugal have them too ,if that's where you are going ,like we are . Spain's a website or app and generates a QR code and has a Maritime option . have you created your account already ? most will be in the middle of the Ocean 48 hours before. Saying that ,my daughter always fills hers in ,while in the queue at passport control at Gatwick 🙄
  5. On a popular site, a few people with children travelling on the first cruise out of the UK ,have naturally been contacting P&O , for some info,on the pre cruise PCR testing . They've been given conflicting information,ranging from ,don't know ,complimentary we will post it to you , and you have to arrange this yourself . What a shambles . Personally doesn't affect me ,but I do feel for those it does . Obviously,the coming home part does , in October, but that's something that can change with government advice changing . Whereas the pre cruise PCR,is here for a while yet .
  6. You're right . They should be letting us know now. Some people are sailing very soon .
  7. I was on the Britannia for the 18th July seacation. One afternoon we were walking through the Crystal Lounge and Ballroom dancing and sequence was on . It wasn't a dance lesson . It was Unmasked and restricted to seven couples for sequence , and six for the ballroom, due to distancing . My hubby and I are ex competitive ballroom dancers and stood to watch . The sequence worked as it's a sequence of course and distance worked there easily . However ,in the ballroom dances ,everyone bunched in the corners at the same time in the waltz and quickstep, and some bumped into each other. So what's that all about then , when in the live lounge ,DJ Phillip ,played but you couldn't get up and socially distance ,dancing on the spot or even by your seat
  8. That's right. My daughter went to Spain last weekend, no tests to go out if 2 x jabs and their Spanish Health Form, and coming back an Antigen, a day 2 test booked for over here , and our passenger location form.
  9. On the Britannia,floated coffees were not on the menu but I did ask in Brodies and they did oblige
  10. So you'll have your covid test in your car, drive straight off to terminal,and results arrive about 30 minutes later ,usually while you're handing car over to CPS . Not any standing around in terminal thereafter.
  11. Yes I tired looking for that . Can you let me know if you find it please. Oh just seen reply
  12. I'd say that's exactly what will happen if needs be . I am happy to go with whatever is in place for my October cruise.
  13. Was the 18th and i am sorry to hear that you tested positive and missed your cruise. I hope you are getting better now x x
  14. On Britannia you couldn't bring food out but you could just pop in and they'd show you to a table .
  15. I was in another site group and one couple ,the husband tested positive at port . They took him off for a PCR test which took an hour to come back positive again so he and wife were sent home .
  16. I think it's a singer from Eastenders 😐🤔
  17. No lol, you can pre book the shows at home via the CP, and as for your speciality dining, should it be had news once you get on board , try each day to see if anything becomes available. We got into the Epicurean on the last night,albeit 6.30.
  18. Yes ,MDR, buffet and Glass House were by means of a virtual queue.
  19. You need to scan a QR code, that you'll find on page two of the Horizon and yes, as mentioned ,enter the last six numbers of your cruise card barcode, and that, will be in the post box of your cabin. So the person who claims to have booked himself into all the restaurants, whilst sitting in the terminal ,isn't being so rich with the truth .
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