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  1. Was really hoping for another ocean liner (smaller than QM2) as opposed to another cruise ship. But I guess it’s too late in the order for that.
  2. Thanks everyone for your responses; looks like "regular" Camp Ocean starts at 10am on the first sea day then (especially since my kiddo will have bedtime by the time Night Owls starts!). We'll make the first afternoon/evening a great family time! Still curious what the hours of the water park are on embarkation day (and sea days); DW and DS both love water parks!
  3. Thanks! We plan to take our son to get him set up right after embarkation; I was just curious if it really would be almost 24 hours before he’d be able to go to camp after doing so if there was nothing on embarkation day and camp started at 10am on the first sea day. If camp opens at 7pm, sounds like he’ll be able to start enjoying it much sooner. The list of activities for his age group sound right up his alley and of course my wife and I won’t mind the break at all that first evening, so we’re looking forward to it!
  4. Thanks, sounds like Vista will be an improvement over my experience on Victory, looking forward to it!
  5. Agreed any activities would be after muster. Would love to try a Havana cabin on a future “grown-ups” cruise!
  6. Just booked the Vista for November after a ~5 year hiatus from Carnival (and nearly as long from cruising, had several major land/air vacations crossed off the bucket list). Two questions: 1) Camp Ocean - do they have any activities on embarkation day, or is it only registration on embarkation day then activities start at 10am on the first sea day out? The photos/videos I see of the Penguin room and the description of the activities sound like my son is going to LOVE them! 2) What are the water park's hours on sea days (in good weather)? 3) Does the Vista's Serenity deck get a lot of noise from the lido further aft? I remember this being an issue on some older Carnival ships. Vista looks amazing, looking forward to the cruise no matter what the answers are! Thanks!
  7. Thanks everyone! We plan to be at Cape Liberty early and plan to make our booking for skydiving our first order of business!
  8. Just went into the Cruise Planner for my family's September cruise on Anthem. DW really wants to do the skydiving simulator but I didn't see it as one of the reservable activities. I assume that it fills up fast. Is it something you can reserve closer in to sailing, once you board, or is it strictly first come first serve? Also, am I correct that the Royal Tots childcare pay-by-the-hour service cannot be booked until you board, but fills up fast so you want your times picked out to sign up for ASAP once you are on board? Thanks!
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