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  1. In Grenada the Grand Anse has OK shore snorkeling from the Coyaba Hotel to the left to Morne Rouge. This is casual snorkeling from shore, but the more you swim the more you see. There are plenty of resort hotels and snack shops along this stretch of beach for drinks and food.
  2. An underwater video posted to YouTube Tuesday captures portions of a coral reef being obliterated by a cruise ship’s anchor and chain in mere seconds, a stunning contrast to the estimated centuries it took to grow. This is very sad. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/video-shows-anchor-destroying-reef_5669a146e4b009377b23fed0 :mad:
  3. It would be nice if people who say they love snorkeling would stop recommending dog biscuits and cereal for feeding fish. Fish feeding destroys reefs and promotes aggressive species. Just Stop Feeding Fish!
  4. Don'r Feed Reef Fish ANYTHING!:cool:
  5. In St Kitts there is a nice beach by the Marriott a narrow spit of land with a nice reef. Be careful of the currents.
  6. If it were me I would just tell the guys at the dive shop just what you told us. They have heard it before. If it is a good shop they will have entry level gear that will not break the bank but also will not leak. Buy a Mask and Snorkel. Now depending on you ports you should do a shore dive without fins and a charter with the fins supplied. If you let us know what ports you are hitting we can recommend a good shore dive and which island is worth a charter. Not all islands have shore dives. but most have a snorkel charter that is worth the money. As a beginner in your 50's you deserve to pay a little to insure a great experience.
  7. With these options go for #1. Have a great time.
  8. I can't believe that I just got sucked into a 4 year old post.:D
  9. First how bad is your vision? If you just need reading glasses +1-+1.5, the magnification in the water will counter act that. I am slightly nearsighted -1.75 in both eyes. Again I do not use a prescription mask. I have rented them but with my eyes they do not make that much differance. I would recommend that you take the first snorkeling trip you can book and rent gear. Relax and enjoy the experience. If you like it (and you will) then do it again and again and again. I snorkel every stop on a cruise if I can. Then you can decided what gear you want to buy.
  10. There is much better snorkeling to be found on St John's than Trunks Bay. Salt Pond to the far East. Leinster Bay next to the Sugar Plantation on the north. A walk in, but a great island (Watermelon Cay) in the bay to swim around. My favorites are Maho, Whistling Cay, Turtle, and Cinnamon all close together. Get a little further into the island and reap the benefits. You can take a taxi, or snorkeling Charter.
  11. Even better DON'T FEED THE FISH! This is not an aquarium, the fish do not need your food, and feeding them is very bad of the reef environment.
  12. You should also consider the Panasonic DMC TS4 Lumix. It is under $300 and is rated one of the best all round point and shoots out there. We have used it on the Colorado River and Snorkeling all over the Caribbean. Why have one camera for water and another for land when this one is great for both.:)
  13. I hope you have a great trip and get hooked on snorkeling!
  14. I think that pennacamp is just better snorkeling and an hour drive is a lot easier then a two and a half hour ferry ride each way to the dry tortugas. They will have to drive right by it come and going to key west.
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