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    cabin question

    my bother and sister in law are on the glory sept 1. they are in cabin 1373. how do you find out what deck that is on and if they were upgraded? anyone have a pic of that cabin?
  2. auntiebee

    phone cards???

    can someone help me with this????
  3. auntiebee

    phone cards???

    my brother and sister in law are going on the eastern carribean cruise and she is wondering what kind of phone cards she should buy to call home. does she need to get them here or when they dock in the different ports? thanks!
  4. auntiebee

    is this something I should do for them?

    Yes, I can write a email to the cruise line about them , in fact, ANYONE can. They just can not acknowledge that they are passengers on any cruise. My family is not big at all. There is her and my brother , their daughter who is away in college and me. My husband died. So the idea of all of us paying for a upgrade is great but there aint anyone but me.. lol.
  5. My sister in law has been planning a huge suprise for my brother for their anniversery. She has saved and sold on ebay, had yard sales and such to pay for the whole cruise and the excursions without ever taking a dime outa the savings or checking or putting any on a credit card. She knew if she did any of these, he would know and she is trying her very best to suprise him. Poor thing has worked over time and on her days off without him knowing it. anyways, she has the whole trip paid for and she booked a inside room cause of the cost being less. Someone at work told me that if the cruise has any rooms that are not booked, they sometimes upgrade passengers to those rooms if its a special occasion they are traveling for. I am not sure if this is true or not but I was wondering if this is something that really does happen and if so, how can I let the cruise know what she has done to suprise him for their anniversy. do you think i should try to contact them and let them know? Thanks!