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  1. I loved Eden last April on the Edge! The food was outstanding. The odd show didn’t faze me but was a bit interesting. I will be booking it agin on Apex.
  2. If it makes you feel better to believe it’s just one turtle then good for you.
  3. Have you seen the pictures of what they do to turtles and other marine life?
  4. My TA gives around 10% for Sky Suites. My total OBC next January at least 1200 dollars. We got some for booking on board but the rest from our TA.
  5. Someone takes your drink order and brings it to you
  6. There isn’t a bar in the Retreat Lounge on the Edge! When we were there I asked an officer about that and he said everybody has brought that to his attention! He said we are learning for the next Edge class ships. Also no World Class Bar and he said that would be on the 3rd Edge class. Even without a bar we still enjoyed it!
  7. We emailed our TA about what we would lose if we switched. Waiting to hear back. She has the itineraries but can’t release them till Celebrity does. We are booked in a Sky Suite and want to stay with that category.
  8. Same here! Booked Reflection for Nov 2 but would love to sail from Tampa as it is 1/2 hour from our house. Will have to check prices and make sure we can keep our perks as we booked onboard our last cruise.
  9. Do you know when in 2021 the second dry dock is? I am wanting to cancel my March 2021 cruise if there is no water features. I’m not talking about a hot tub because that would not cool me down and I don’t do public ones. I would be happy with just a shower with cold water! Maybe they can bring a hose up there and hose us down!!
  10. I had some nice French wine on the Edge that I haven’t seen on other Celebrity ships. And no upcharge either. This is just a fancy name to get you to pay more for what’s already on the wine lists (when in stock of course).
  11. Since the Equinox only sails the Caribbean now I would want a cold tub not a hot tub. You need something to cool off up there. Maybe at least a shower or garden hose? Maybe someone will come by with buckets of cold water to dump on your head? I actually did that at a fair when it was 90 degrees. I asked the guy watering something to squirt me with it! It felt great!
  12. You can’t go by that. It was wrong all the time on my Equinox March cruise.
  13. Since Equinox only sails the Caribbean they don’t need a hot tub in the retreat they need a ‘cold’ tub up there. There is no way to cool off and the walk to the pool and back won’t help because you will be sweating by the time you get back. Maybe a cold shower up there would help?
  14. That is all my husband drinks! He always gets one at the World Class Bars on any ship we have sailed!
  15. The retreat sun deck seems a long way from the pool. It looks beautiful but the pool on the Edge was a huge plus. It is too hot on the Equinox always being in the Caribbean not to have a way to cool down. If you go to the pool you’ll be sweating by the time you get back to the retreat. I might switch my 12 night Equinox to B2B Edge if the price drops enough.
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