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  1. The F suites are a third bigger than the G2s. That is a substantial difference, especially on a cruise with so many sea days. For what it's worth, we stayed in a forward F2 (#708) on Explorer, and it was the quietest cabin we've ever had.
  2. On the cruise's itinerary page, click on a port. You'll see all of the excursions listed, but halfway down on the page there'll be links to allow you to email, print or download the excursion list. If you select print or download, you'll get the excursions for just that port. The email option will get you all excursions for every port on the cruise.
  3. We took Belfast's food tour, and loved it. It's one of the "Go Local" tours, so there's a charge but it's totally worth it. We went to 5 locations (a chocolatier, two restaurants, a pub and a deli) and got to meet the proprietors and sample their wares.
  4. As a blanket statement, that just isn't true. Maybe it is on Med cruises, where Regent has great contracts. But we're investigating Australia-NZ cruises and the $7.5k credit far exceeds what we would pay out of pocket for those flights. We'll be flying from the west coast, which is definitely part of it. So it depends.
  5. On our recent 12 day, my wife ate Dover Sole seven times: twice at Prime 7, once at Chartreuse and four times at CR. She was "forced" to eat black cod the two times we ate at Pacific Rim. Setti Mare and the Pool Grill don't serve either of them, so she was out of luck those nights.
  6. Back when we were in our 40s we purchased a 10 year membership at Canyon Ranch in Tucson. We took their dietary and exercise advice, and they changed my life. I have since changed it back, but I'll always be thankful for what they did for me. Having said that, the spas on Regent really have little in common with CR's two destination spas. For a real shock, you should visit the Canyon Ranch spa at the Venetian in Vegas. They hurt their brand with this stuff.
  7. I remember poker and slot tournaments, but not blackjack tourneys. I may have missed it though.
  8. The math nerd in me needs to point out that it would be 200% inflation, not 300%. And a large amount of that has to be the now-included business class air for overseas flights. I'm not saying the cruises aren't really expensive, they are. That's why our last cruise was in category F2. But you have to compare apples to apples.
  9. An outdoor seating area in the Coffee Connection (or whatever it's called).
  10. 1. That most recent review is idiotic. Was he complaining because he had to say "Grey Goose and tonic" instead of "vodka and tonic?" Did he somehow not realize that for the whole cruise? What does he mean when he states that embarkation was "rudimentary at best?" I agree, the guy sounds like a jerk. 2. But there were several bad reviews in a row. Occam's Razor makes me think that there must have been something wrong with Mariner's Alaska run this year.
  11. There is both sparkling and still available. Our cabin attendant provided plenty of both. The only problem we had is that the bottles took up a lot of room in the fridge and on the counter, but Explorer cabins have plenty of room. The water tasted great, and I trust Regent to clean the bottles properly. Just like I trust them to clean glassware, utensils, dishes, etc.
  12. On Explorer either Prime 7 or Chartreuse is open for lunch. On sea days, both are open. These restaurants are plenty large enough for the lunch crowd without being as cavernous as Compass Rose. It's a great option.
  13. I had that veal dish at Setti Mare, and can confirm that it tastes every bit as good as it looks. Sometimes the simplest dishes turn out to be the best.
  14. Also, Regent now opens one or both of the specialty restaurants for lunch. At least they did on Explorer, but I'm assuming it's fleet-wide. We had a really fine, relaxed lunch at Chartreuse. No reservations are taken, or needed in our experience.
  15. The fridge keeps the ice intact for a long time, so I imagine that canned beer and soda are properly chilled.
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