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  1. My daughter loved the peek a boo bridge-the captain turned around and waved at her
  2. Looking at Symphony 3/21/2020 Oceanview balcony. I see the option for We Pick Cabin vs You pick Cabin. (both non-refundable rates) How can I view the refundable rates online?
  3. Is there a way to get rid of the 1/4 long "Find a Royal Caribbean Cruise" blue box from appearing at the top of every single page? Isn't having it at the top of the forum enough?
  4. I forget...does the UK website show all available staterooms, or just more available staterooms than the US site?
  5. We were only considering Empress because it is so much more economical compared to other ships available when we can sail (working around 3 school schedules.) Bob, your simple question made me realize that the ship itself is what we enjoy the most. I guess that answers my question for myself about Empress. Time to shake out the couch cushions for more coins to see if we can swing a larger ship again for next vacation. Might need to wait an extra year.
  6. My family really enjoys the Oasis & Voyager Class ships. Would we be completely let down if we booked Empress?
  7. we had Ricky Matthews on Mariner last December. I did not care for him the 1st night, but then after that night...WOW! What a showman! He was phenomenal! Yes, very high energy. To each , there own.
  8. I thought that as of about 10 years ago, that, with the exception of a group booking, all prices are suppose to be the same no matter if you book direct with Royal or a travel agent?
  9. Cruising on Oasis in December (cabin 7680 Oceanview Balcony.) Are there outlets available by the bed? Using CPAP & need to know if I will need to request an extension cord from Special Needs Dept. or not. Thank you in advance for any help.
  10. I started collecting them from our 1st cruise on Sovereign, which was VHS. I have them from my 1st dozen cruises or so, and then they must have completely stopped producing them. I know a lot of it was stock footage, but it always showed clips from the actual week of the cruise. I especially liked that the week of shows was always included. Since we are not suppose to videotape the shows, it was a great way to remember what &/or who we saw. Oh, well.
  11. Is the Cruise in Review DVD still being sold on any ships, or is it non-existent?
  12. "I feel like Charlie Brown kicking a football. " Love this reference
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