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  1. Brillohead-if I understand correctly, you are referring to the minimum bid to upgrade to each category being shown is different depending on your original stateroom category, correct?
  2. On the screen where I can use the slider to bid for an upgrade, there is a question mark at the high end that says "The actual upgrade price may vary depending on your original fare and upgrade availability." Does this mean if I win the bid for an upgrade, it may cost me more than I bid? If not, what does it mean, please?
  3. Thank you. Do you know anything about shore excursions pre-book vs onboard prices?
  4. Is the continuously run, up to 35% off pre-sailing favorites this time we mean it will really expire in 24 hours, oh no wait, let's extend the sale, sale, actually a savings? Referring to the sale they have for shore excursions, meal or beverage packages. Or are the sale prices still available once onboard? (specifically sailing Symphony Dec 23)
  5. thank you for all of the replies. We are sailing Symphony Dec 23rd. Currently in Oceanview Large Balcony cabin.
  6. I've never done this before & have a couple of questions... 1st. it states : "Your bid is priced per person and based on two guests per stateroom for the entire length of your cruise. Only the first and second guest will be charged." I am reading that to be that the 3rd person in my cabin does not get charged for the upgrade, is that correct? Or does that mean if I have 3 people in a cabin, that I am not eligible to bid on an upgrade? 2nd. In your experience, does it take a very high bid to get the upgrade? Thank you in advance for any help.
  7. I am not familiar with Brian Leavitt on Symphony. Is he fairly new to Royal, or new to being the CD?
  8. if you are redeeming 125000 points for the max $2500, unless things have changed, I do not think it can apply to Alaska sailings. I believe it is lowest balcony on 5-7 night Caribbean only.
  9. If there is one, does anyone have a link to a Singapore Webcam to be able to see the Quantum when it is in port?
  10. Did they actually reduce the cost of your cruise, or they are just asking you to pay less than full at this point in time?
  11. Marc Walker going to Harmony per posts (just wanted to place info here)
  12. Are these webinars viewable by the general public? Or are they for TA's?
  13. It's back & the price went up from yesterday. Oh well
  14. My Oasis cruise not on website anymore? It was there yesterday. Worried.
  15. my cable does not have the AWE network, but I see I can get in on my Firestick for a monthly subscription. Does anyone know if it only operates like a TV station with scheduled showtimes, or does it have an On Demand type feature where I could watch the Dream Cruises as I want?
  16. Unless something has changed from a few months ago, everyone on the booking must take the same form of reimbursement.
  17. I also think what firefly said about 2 FCC being from OBC/planner items might be your scenario. In addition, this info might help others...they are making an exception in the way that, if you originally had 3 or 4 people in a cabin, & you want to rebook a cruise, but all of the previous people can not sail, they will let you apply the total FCC towards a new sailing/cabin. We originally had 3 sailing in a cabin that was cancelled. My daughter can not join us on the new cruise we booked due to college schedule, but Royal allowed us to apply her FCC to our new sailing. (Hope that made sense.)
  18. Hopefully, going on my 1st Quantum Class cruise on Odyssey Dec 2021 so am excited to experience the Esplanade for 1st time. We really enjoy 70s night on Oasis class ships. So on Quantum class, they still typically have 70s night, but not on Esplanade, just somewhere else on ship?
  19. I know they have been pushed back, but have they announced the new inaugural sailing dates for these 2 ships (barring more unforeseen circumstances, of course)? Have they started production on any other ships as of now? What ships are scheduled after Wonder of the Seas?
  20. What is the difference between the Royal Promenade & the Royal Esplanade?
  21. I know you are at 50,000 points now. I personally wait until I have 125000 points so I can get the free Caribbean cruise for 2. The value of these points can be up to $2500 off the cruise fare. In recent years, the cruise fare has been more than $2500, so I have been able to get the full value of the points. This gives me $2 a point as opposed to $1 a point when used as OBC or for just $ off the cruise fare.
  22. Thank you both for your help. Ourusualbeach-can I assume that these new codes are info that travel agents have access to before they get updated on the website? I booked cabin #10644. On a side note, the agent told me that on Quantum Class ships (which I have not sailed on before), the doors that lead from the cabin hallways to the open areas to the stairwells & elevators are always closed, instead of only being closed on embarkation day until 1pm when cabins are ready. Is that correct?
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