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  1. I loved waking up every morning, opening the curtains and saying "WOW!" Every island was different and beautiful. I did this cruise in October and would leave this Sunday if we had the time and money! LOL. The food was good! The service we received was great! (The bartenders know us by name after the 2nd day) We had a blast! Do not hesitate to take this one!
  2. I would definately suggest Bumpiing tours in Dominica! We had a wonderful and tiring day with our guide Alvin. We did the 2 hour hike and it was quite a hike! lol. We went in October and are still talking about it. IMHO, I would try and book something to do every day. Not all things have to be hikes, but we found if we didn't book anything, we wandered, shopped for a bit and then went back to the ship. Not that it was a bad thing! But I can nap at home. Anyways, whatever you decide I am sure you will have a wonderful cruise! Enjoy!
  3. That is quite allright! :D We were with a group of 19 people, so it was a crazy time! Glad to hear your trip was fun as well! Terrie
  4. What a great review!! We were there with you as well and had a GREAT time too. I am trying to get back into the swing of things before I write my review. I totally agree about Levi in Dominica!! We did the major hike with Alvin and had a blast! I would do this itinerary again in a heartbeat!!! Terrie
  5. Do not hesitate to book with them! They are awesome!!!!! He will totally work with what you want to do! If I remember that Screw spa was a very small place. The water in the Titou Gorge was cold, but the experience was worth it! 100%
  6. Just back from the Victory 10-4 sailing. Our total S/S bill was $856. :eek:!! DH figured out our bar tab for the 7 days was $560.75. That is with a bottle of Absolute and Crown in our room. Did we regret it? Not a penny! We had a blast!
  7. I won $500 the first night at bingo! That was pretty cool! We also won a $560 bar bill too! That wasn't cool! LOL
  8. LOL. Thanks! I spit water all over my screen! LOL.
  9. ME TOO!!! It is finally my turn too! AAAGGHH! I am so excited! You read so many other posts and reviews and you wait and wait,......and wait. And now it is here!
  10. More please! We are leaving in 4 days! I cannot read enough on these fantastic ports! Great review!!
  11. Me too!! I am doing the single digit happy dance too!! YAY!!! It seems like it was so far away and now it is almost here!:D I hope my DH loves cruising as much as I do! Safe travels everyone!
  12. Thank you! I have checked now and then, but the rates always were higher.
  13. I know I have seen it somewhere else, but since it has been brought up again I will ask. How do I check for ES rates now that they don't show up on Carnival's website? It just shows Fun Select and Fun Saver. Thanks!
  14. [quote name='Cigar Dude']No local cigars. Every place sold Cubans so I looked carefully at their stock and bought only legit stuff.[/quote] Thanks for the quick reply! These great pictures are not helping to keep the excitement level down as I patiently wait for my turn! LOL.
  15. [FONT=Comic Sans MS]Thanks for the great review and pics!! I too have been waiting patiently for your review. One question though. Did you try any local cigars? And if so where? My DH can't wait to hit that cigar bar![/FONT]
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