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  1. Thank you!! My doctor will be reassured. You are all missing yet another snowy day in the 'shire.
  2. Hello! We are excited as we get closer to joining you in Durban! One question, that I hope you haven't answered from personal experience: How are the medical facilities on board? Is there a physician on staff? My doctor asked me this yesterday. Also, for those of you just doing day tours in Namibia or Senegal, are you getting the malaria pills? Thanks for any input you may have. Carol
  3. Thank you Segmentersfloatttheboat for your wonderful narratives and pictures. You chose a great segment and are making me feel a bit nostalgic for the trip we took a year ago! You will love the Chilean fjords and glaciers and I hope you enjoy Punta Arenas as much as we did. We were there on a Sunday and just walked to the park and watched all the happenings there. Have a great rest of your trip! Sorry our segments don't coincide.
  4. Hmm... I am torn between suggesting the trip to Tierra del Fuego National Park - "the end of the world" or just exploring the town. Perhaps you could arrange an early tour to the park and then be dropped in town for a couple of hours? If it came down to it, I guess I would choose the park. It is stunning. Here is a tease.
  5. Thank you, Segmentersfloattheboat for your lovely review. We are greatly reassured. It is regrettable that you missed a day in Stanley, but you were fortunate to have the one. We experienced a very "exciting" tender ride a year ago. Enjoy Ushuaia; it was one of our favorite stops between BA and Valpairaiso. The "drive to the end of the world" was stunning and we especially loved that the ship docked right in town, allowing plenty of time for independent exploration. And the Patagonian coast of Chile - oh my!
  6. Thank you for the reassurance. I'm glad to hear you had a good trip. Carol
  7. Thank you, Bruce and Lorraine, fellow New Hampshirites. Carol
  8. mrtxcruisers, I, also, wonder what it is you are trying to get at with this post. It does seem to be a pretty clear put-down of those of us travelling for a segment of your world cruise, and of Viking for having us. Last October we booked - directly with Viking - a 28 day trip called "Along Africa's Western Shores." Viking absolutely did not tell us that this was part of a longer trip nor did they attempt to sell us the prior segment. We learned about the longer cruise when I went to Cruise Critic searching for a board. It is unfortunate that you feel "Viking's focus [on you] is blurred" because of us "segment passengers" so many of whom "have no idea they are joining a WC..." You seem to find it humorous that we are arriving late to your party of which we had no knowledge and to which we were not sooner included. You imply that the lack of access to excursions or dining, therefore, is simply our own fault. We can only hope that this is not the prevalent attitude among your fellow cruisers, as we have so looked forward to our 28 days on the Sun. Carol
  9. Hello, We are enduring this snow/sleet storm here in Marlow NH as we don't join you until Durban. Looking forward to meeting fellow New Hampshirites.
  10. We will likely be boarding quite late as our flight doesn't get into Durban until 10:20 PM on the 13th. We tried to move it up a day but Viking Air would only do that if we made a hotel reservation for the night of the 12th. We won't see much of Durban I'm afraid. I believe we should have a "meet and mingle" on board so perhaps we'll meet you there!
  11. I was so hoping you were correct! We will be boarding in Durban as well and I would love not to have to wait so long.
  12. Don't we actually join in Durban for the final segment in April?
  13. I second the suggestion for the Faust Wine Cellar, under the Hilton!
  14. Thank you, nh neighbor, for these wonderful links! We leave for our Danube cruise next week. This information would be helpful and inspiring for anyone else travelling to the area.
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