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  1. Thanks for the suggestions! i guess I will need to wait until the landscaper advises a start date. With this weather in Melbourne, it might be pushed out latter. going on a cruise, seems to be the best way of being out of the house whilst they work. my 10 year old would however love the concrete mixer but end up in it.
  2. I may need to do a last minute cruise in September/October of this year. How last minute can you book or will I find cruises are fully booked well in advance? I might only have a week or twos notice. reason for this is that I need to move out of my new house whilst they landscape and do concrete. At this stage I have no real idea of the start date.
  3. 18 September 2020 - travel marvel river cruise Amsterdam to Budapest. 😊
  4. Travel marvel European river cruise. Amsterdam to Budapest 15 days in a window cabin $5990 per person. Dates in 2020. New ship not built yet. Launching in mid 2020. Flights not include at this price but if you want flights included your paying another $2400. i booked this for my father, brother, son and I.
  5. Thats a good point. Enjoy your cruise.
  6. I am very tempted by this cruise, can you get off the ship in Melbourne? My issue is airfares to Auckland are expensive at that time. We are also cruising on ovation in feb & hoping to do Europe cruise Xmas 2020
  7. We cruised into that port in September. MSC has the prime port parking spots. They are on the left hand side as you go in. There was 4 cruise ships plus in at any given time, plus lots of little shuttle boats getting passengers into the heart of Venice. The cruise ships sail into Venice very slowly and they have a pilot on board. with all the Marine traffic it is very lucky that no one was killed or injured. the media keep on commenting on the size of the ships going into Venice but they are actually the older and smaller ships. They are not taking the huge oasis of the seas sized ships in. it sounds like it could have been an engine or propulsion failure. I have no idea as I don’t park the ships. its an incredible place to go on a cruise ship and no they are not sailing them down the small canals. They go along the large canal into what looks like an industrial port. i suspect MSC will hand money over to those in power in Venice and hope that this is forgotten.
  8. During the Boxing Day sales I booked my father & brother on the queen elizabeth 2 night cruise from Melbourne to Sydney. They wanted to see the upgrades since they had last sailed on her. i was going as well but they had sold out on kids spaces. I called Cunard to be wait listed in every cabin category and called them right before sailing date. No such luck. No cancellations.
  9. My father is still very keen on Cunard and seeing the Canaries. This cruise departs on the 23/12 where as the P&O one goes on the 19/12. Dad’s birthday is the day after the cruise ends or we could stay onto Hamburg for another 2 nights and celebrate his birthday on board. For someone whom spent years professing his dislike for cruiseships he’s making up for lost time. my issue at the moment is the cruise is showing as $725000 pp in all cabins.
  10. I’m still on my cruise hunt for Christmas 2020. we had a look into river cruises in Europe but as I’m a mum in my 40’s with a asd child whom will be 11 at the time of the cruise, it was decided that these cruises were too expensive and were “tailored” for the more elite clientele. also researched canal boat hire. Basically a caravan on a canal. Looks good but also hard work and not suitable for December. Now the plans are looking like the Cunard queen Victoria departure 23/12/20 for 14 nights or we could go p&o UK for a similar amount of $$ but the timing is not the best. does anyone have suggestions for cruises out of England in December? We would want to arrive about a week earlier and at the end of the cruise either do another one or go to another part of Europe. grumpy grandad really loves cruising Cunard.
  11. Thanks for the information. I’ve had my father attending river cruise information sessions. we did a full land based Christmas market tour a couple of years ago and I loved it so much I want to go back. hoping we can do armsterdam to Budapest on a river cruise and then add in land sections before and after.
  12. Drat! 6 hours too early. I was born on the 28 February in a leap year.
  13. At least there will not be deck chair hogs by the pool if it’s snowing!
  14. Also we have just done a Mediterranean cruise to Europe. Cruising is is my addiction.....
  15. When we went to the leaning tower of Pisa some idiots had lit a fire in the hills above the town. We went on the rci tour to Pisa but the bus had to go the back way through the bush to get us to a boat to take us up to the town. The police stoped the bus and checked all us passengers out looking for an idiot who had lit the fires..... because of the fires the roads back to the ship were gridlock. We ran late but so did most of the other ship tours. The ship waited that made others on private tours greatly relieved! Captain merek announced the names of those whom missed the ship but when they met us at the next port he welcomed them back. As we sailed out of the port you could see the hills on fire above the town.
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