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  1. noticed the spirit of Tasmania was docked in Melbourne the other day. Even that’s starting to look like an option
  2. We are booked on a couple of princess cruises. one is over Christmas from Melbourne to New Zealand. the other my father and brother are on from Melbourne to Hong Kong repositioning cruise. Next March (yes now double booked with river cruise) what your thoughts on these going a head? Cancel now or sit quietly.
  3. Just wondering if anyone is thinking of booking flights overseas for next year yet? we are planning on Europe in March 2021 for a river cruise. should we book what’s on the Qantas website now and use frequent flyer points or should we wait and see what the airlines announce? i am concerned over the prospect of airline flight prices going up.
  4. We were advised that once more river cruises were cancelled next year will fill up with those cancellations using their credit vouchers
  5. we are doing the travel marvel gems of Europe from Budapest to Amsterdam. Aim to reach Amsterdam for Easter and the tulip festival. The tulips had this year off so they better have their schedule right for next Easter!
  6. that’s the main part of the jigsaw. river cruise was with 1 travel agent which has now been transferred to March next year. we booked all Qantas classic rewards seats via Qantas. we then used another travel agent to book the polish airways flights from Budapest to London and also 2 seats on the return flight from London to Melbourne via China eastern airlines. KLM was booked directly. plus there is accommodation that was booked that can’t be cancelled. with the new revised plans in March we are planning on just using Qantas classic rewards seats/points. Staying in accommodation for 7 nights at a time with free cancellation. River cruise is via the same agent. If it all goes wrong again cancelling should be easy.
  7. We cancelled our September river cruise and rebooked for March next year hoping that over this time, we will see vaccines. Cruising earlier seemed too hard in Europe
  8. We are cancelling our September river cruise. qantas was simple as flights were ff classic rewards but our return is with China eastern airlines and I have no idea how to try and get that refunded for cash. we also have flights with klm and polish airways to try and deal with. its like a bucket full of Christmas lights and trying to find the start.
  9. We are in Australia and at the moment it’s feeling like a very locked down island! There is talk of travel bubbles with New Zealand and other like countries with no cases but even that looks like it’s months away. we were river cruising in September this year but the airlines and such are now cancelling up to the end of October 2020. we have rebooked for April 2021 and hope Europe is open to Australians buy then. our flights were via mainland China and we do not want to travel via China at this stage.
  10. In the UK I have read that there is an suggestion that those over 70 start to self isolate.
  11. We are still very disappointed not to be going to New Zealand for Easter this year so we just booked for next Easter. plus we are cruising there over Christmas with princess
  12. We were but luckily qantas gave us a refund and other parts of the trip we could cancel. Still trying to get onto air New Zealand. Their phones are busy.
  13. I’ve just cancelled my Easter holidays to Rotorua. I’m not happy about it but the right thing has been done. i hope that the New Zealand travel industry is not to badly harmed by this,
  14. We have been going t New Zealand for Easter for the last couple of years & again this year. Perfect time to go. Doing the north island this year
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