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  1. That may also explain why this cruise is so much more expensive than I’m used to paying. $1500 for an inside for 7 nights. is it worth getting the princess premier package with alcohol drinks and internet?
  2. Oh yes, we will go with the Grand Suite! we are actually doing a European river cruise 2 months after this, so we’re hoping to get out of this “cheaply” it seems that this 8 day cruise from Auckland to Sydney then 2 nights to Melbourne has been popular as a lot of the good cabins have gone. we might just stick with the inside for myself and my son and let grumpy grandad have the extended balcony cabin directly opposite our room. what’s the worst that could happen? It could be cancelled again.
  3. We are about to put out credits onto a 8 night grand princess cruise in October 2022. as I have learned on here, not all cabins are created equally. so is there any hidden gem cabins on the grand princess. I’m talking extra large balconies or cheap and cheerful cabins with something special. I have already discovered the 4 window cabins at the back of the ship but they are sold out for this cruise but are available for the repositioning cruise straight after which we will do to Melbourne. currently have a cookie cutter inside and a balcony on dec
  4. It was a fantastic cruise and great to meet you. let’s hope when cruises start again all of us on this forum can have a meet up and a couple of drinks.
  5. People seemed very happy to hear that we were.
  6. Family and I are land sick! Need a good cruise with a cocktail package. Hope your family is all surviving the great cruise draught
  7. We have princess credits. Just wondering if these have expiry dates? Can you use them on Cunard cruise or any of the other groups lines or must they be princess cruises? if you decide not to use these credits, can you give them to other members of your family? looking at Europe 2023 but really have no idea if we will ever get there
  8. Oh yes 2040 the year Australia might start cruises again…..
  9. We just managed to get into Auckland from Melbourne. travel in Australia & New Zealand at the moment is very risky as boarders shut constantly. in Auckland we stayed at the oaks apartments in the nightclub area a short walk to the viaduct. It was great having a washing machine and cooking facilities but I’d prefer to stay right in the viaduct area. some hotels do have builders fences around them, so works are taking place. I very much doubt that we will see cruiseships in the Australia/New Zealand region for at least another year and a half. Wh
  10. My question is with the vaccines. Do you think cruise lines in the future will be able to enforce the vaccine mandate that all crew and passengers are vaccinated? At the moment those whom are most at need are being vaccinated and this is not the demographic of cruise ship employees. also we seem to have a world where different vaccines are being used, some are researched as being more effective than others. this said will the cruise lines and the Australian boarder force be able to state for those cruising or entering this country or New Zealand, tha
  11. BTW I am still planning my river cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam in December this year. APT is holding all our money as credit. If that doesn’t go ahead we will keep moving the river cruise forward.
  12. I would be really happy to book a coastal viewing cruise even if the ship doesn’t stop anywhere. The Australian coast is spectacular. We just did Hobart and what a beautiful place it was. The food and wine is some of the best in the world. Tasmania really is a hidden gem. that said I would be happy to cruise from Melbourne to Tasmania.
  13. I think it was his travel agent being behind. It was the majestic repositioning cruise which as it’s not here we guessed it would not need to reposition.
  14. What I am trying to book is the sapphire princess departing Melbourne 20 December 2022. Caribe deck 2 interconnected cabins balcony opposite the self service laundry.
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