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  1. That's not a popular trip and I am not aware of any shared shuttles making it since SuperShuttle closed down. Taxi will be about $75-80+ tip, UberX or standard Lyft should be cheaper unless surge pricing is in effect. You could ride the Tri-Rail train from MIA to FLL (call your hotel and ask about the closest train stop) for under $5 each and then cab/Uber to your hotel.
  2. The taxi ride from MIA to POM costs $28+ tip. To get to Tri Rail from FLL requires a shuttle, and then a fairly long walk at the MIA end. Depending upon how long you wait for the shuttle and train it could take you 2+ hours to get from FLL to MIA. Better, IMHO, to use a shared shuttle or Uber to go straight from FLL to the port in about 40 minutes, but it is your call.
  3. SAS is the most often suggested, with fares starting at $15+ per person, each way. In addition to those listed by Bruce, Go Airport (based at FLL) is another option.
  4. I would drop the kids, luggage, car seats and two adults at the port and just have the drivers return the cars - lots easier than trying to get everything and everybody onto and off the shuttle.
  5. Taxi between POM and MIA is about $28 on the meter. UberX will be closer to $20
  6. Yes! All of the car rental locations in PC/ Cocoa Beach offer shuttles to/from the port.
  7. Hmmm? So a shuttle from POM to the Brightline station, and then another shuttle from the Fort Lauderdale station to FLL - it's an option, but I suspect a door to door UberX or standard Lyft is cheaper and more convenient.
  8. And then a cab/Uber to FLL airport? Does not sound like an efficient way to get from POM to FLL to me. 🙄
  9. Best is a stretch limo with a stocked bar! 😎 As suggested above, a shared shuttle or Uber/Lyft are your value options.
  10. Welcome to the boards! 😎 The ride from POM to MIA takes about 15-20 minutes and a cab will cost about $28 on the meter - what is your car service charging and is the extra $$ worth it for a 15 minute ride? 🙄
  11. Pre-virus the only hotels offering cruise parking deals are near the MIA airport - Embassy Suites MIA, La Quinta East and Hampton Inn Blue Lagoon were the most often suggested.
  12. Store your bags at the Luggage Lounge in South Beach and explore before heading to the airport. Use the Airport Flyer bus to MIA for about $3 each.
  13. Find a hotel near MCO that offers day rooms (dayuse.com, roomsbyday.com, dayrooms.com, etc.) and relax for a few hours, enjoy the pool and a boozy lunch before heading to the airport for y our flight.
  14. As mentioned in post #2, prices vary with the tourist season - the same room that gores for under $100 in the August humidity can go for over $300 in Feb when everyone wants to escape the cold up north. Expect high prices if you are travelling during the height of tourist season and take some of those reviews with a big grain of salt on your margarita glass - the majority of happy customers do not bother to leave a review.
  15. It's located in a quieter part of downtown, but I would consider the Doubletree - some rooms offer a view of the port and the pool area is great!
  16. www.sunny.org has lots of FLL area hotel and tourist info.
  17. Should be close to the same no matter which way you go. Uber or Lyft will be MUCH cheaper than a car service/limo.
  18. Pre-virus the UberX price between FLL and POM was about $35-40, so the $52 mentioned above is a serious price jump. 😝😵
  19. For a 10:30 flight you need to be at MIA by about 9:00, and earlier is better with the typical TSA chaos. The airport is about a 15-20+ minute cab ride from the port. That translates into off the ship with bags and clear of customs and immigration by NLT about 8:15, giving you time to load up in a taxi and get moving. As Bruce said, making this flight will be very stressful; do you want to spend your cruise worried about making your flight home? 🤔 Your call.
  20. I've seen several questions about car rental shuttles in Miami, but so far no reports from cruisers. 🙄
  21. We cruised Tampa in 2019 and waited almost 5 minutes for our Uber to arrive - the ride to TPA took about 15 minutes and the total fare for the car was $15. Taxis are waiting - but thier fare was $25+ at the time.
  22. Larry's is popular, and we were happy with their service a few years ago. Holland Limo is another option in the FLL area that sometimes comes up on this board.
  23. Uber or Lyft for door to door service at a reasonable price - usually less than the per person hotel shuttle. 😎
  24. "guys" food/drinks? 🤔 Sounds like Nachi will meet your desires for a quiet, relaxing beach - great food and good service, small pool with swim up bar and a hot tub that always seems just warm to me. Current cab fares will be posted but expect to pay about $25+ each way for 5 of you sharing a van taxi.
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