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  1. Start with the travel agent or cruise line you are booking with. Look into an annual travel policy from a company like Allianz.
  2. News article says study from Stanford Medicine this was possibly already around in the Fall. https://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Study-investigates-if-COVID-19-came-to-Calif-in-15187085.php
  3. Gurkas...caffeine not engaged when earlier post was written 😎
  4. Well a lot of pax already gripe about having to attend the muster drill and told to "washy washy" when entering a dining facility, I can't wait to read on CC about folks waiting in line to the theater, only to be sent back to their cabin because their temp is slightly up and how rude the crew member was, was the crew member even medically qualified to operate the thermometer? Also short of having the Captain with Sherpa security guards standing by what crew member is going to stop a pax from just blowing off the thermometer person?
  5. The Army Corp of Engineers has a plan to convert 10,000 hotel rooms into temporary ICU units around the NYC area. https://news.yahoo.com/army-corp-of-engineers-races-to-provide-10000-hospital-rooms-for-coronavirus-response-223023854.html Rather than waiting for the Corp to show up, the plans are available to states to begin prepping. It was reported locally that half of San Francisco's hotels will be empty and shut down in another week, so approximately 15,000 rooms will be available. The main problem as mentioned earlier continues to be staffing and equipment.
  6. As mentioned staffing would be a major problem. San Francisco is just put out word it is currently hiring 200 nurses, on the spot, at a job fair next week. They're to work at city owned medical facilities asap.
  7. Credit/Voucher in lieu of Cash? Cash. I can always book later.
  8. According to the headlines it's closer to 7 million, give or take a hundred thousand.
  9. There's also an article about "ghost flights" where some airlines are flying empty planes because there are some "use it or lose it" rules in the EU.
  10. Upside to all of this is MIL (who lives in So. China) tells us she won't be visiting us this year 😎
  11. In a news conference Gov. Gavin Newsom says 1000s of test kits were being flown out to the ship and hinted he wanted the ship to stay out of SF Bay until the results are in.
  12. That or they can't get over there. Or nobody wants to come home and stay there for 2 weeks and get poked by someone in a hazmat suit every other day 🤔
  13. If your ship arrives on time, disembark by 9ish and take a take a taxi or Lyft/Uber. Weekend traffic along the waterfront is generally light except when there is a baseball game. Once on the on-ramp it's a 30 minute drive to SFO.
  14. TBH any of the major brand hotels down there will be the same, pick your price point and/or loyalty program. Keeping it simple just taxi or Lyft/Uber to your Fisherman's Wharf hotel. You can take BART (subway) from the airport to downtown, but you still have to transfer to your hotel. Now if you stay at the Hyatt Regency Embarcadero, the BART station entrance is right next to it, but the hotel is not near Fisherman's Wharf. From Fisherman's Wharf its about a mile and half (30+ minutes) walk along the Embarcadero, broad sidewalk and flat.
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