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  1. I agree, but in CA the government mask mandate is out there, but compliance is another matter. The Governor has told us that holiday gatherings should be limited to three households, lasting no more than 2 hours, no singing, and everyone who is not of the same household should be masked and social distancing, preferably outside.
  2. As I'd written, when the food comes a majority will keep the masks off until done. Something's working, the news is saying California is trending stable and in some counties downwards towards March numbers. In San Francisco, where I am, is the only county in the least restrictive level of the four imposed by the state. But our city's public schools are closed until next year, indoor dining will be limited to 50% capacity, non-essential work places at 25% capacity, indoor church service at 50% or 100 people whichever is less. And masks are required when outside of the home and in between chews at restaurants.
  3. I'm in CA, technically masked between bites is required. I haven't been inside a restaurant since March except to pick up, but my observation of outdoor dining is very few people comply once the food arrives. The restaurant association is pleading for people to comply because it protects the employees. As I mentioned earlier the primary purpose of masks is now to protect others from the wearer.
  4. Mask wearing (around here) is more for protecting others than for yourself. If you are asymptomatic (no symptoms) and unknowingly positive the masks keep most of your talking "spray" in your mask. Say 80% of your spray is trapped by your mask and 20% gets out, hopefully the escaped particles will disperse enough that only a very small % actually reaches someone else's mask and whatever gets there doesn't have the viral load to do anything. The rest is personal hygiene and keeping your hands away from your face. SWMBO (wife) works for a large medical facility and at the beginning of all this she would give us 🤬 H#LL if we touch the outside of our masks or if it touches anything.
  5. Where I am at, you must remain masked at all times unless you are actively putting food/drink in mouth. You must remask even while chewing. Bars without food are not yet allowed to open; bars with food must be consumed outside. Restaurants can go back indoors at 50% capacity in November. Masks required as above. While Disneyland is not allowed to open, sports stadiums in certain areas can.
  6. Some US airlines already require a signed statement and check off when booking acknowledging the mask requirement. Yet when the the plane is taxing to the runway someone feels it's now okay to take off the mask, "they can't kick me out now." Usually the plane returns to the gate to have the pax taken off.
  7. I've been watching clips from "Deadliest Catch" on YTube while SIPing. I think most cruise ship Captains would be avoiding 1/10th of the weather that goes on in the Bering.
  8. Actually the IRS starts accepting them late January. Jan 27, 2020 was the first acceptance date for 2019. Depending on how much the tax code is amended in the prior year form revisions are not finalized until then. Some states are a bit later because their forms have to be revised to match.
  9. A TA may be promoting a cruise or tour they are sponsoring. Example our old church used to have Holy Land tours which was arranged by a particular TA who specializes in these types of tours. OR there was a 30 year high school reunion cruise that I got from somebody in my high school class, someone that I hadn't heard or seen in 29 years. All payments were to go to the respective TAs. These are the ones that should be scrutinized very carefully. There were 4 Holy Land trips and all went well. The high school reunion cruise never happened.
  10. IMO it won't be permanent, but will be in place for awhile, 2-3 years maybe. Depends on all the usual: viable vaccine, testing, & divine intervention. If there is a vaccine it'll be a given that proof of vaccination will be required.
  11. Thought it might be Alang Ship Breaking Yard in India.🤔
  12. Milk farmers are literally pouring everything down the drain. Cows produce everyday, but demand is down because food processors are reducing production or shutting down. Some farmers are actually "reducing" their herd.
  13. If your staying at the Pan Pacific or nearby you can check in first and then drive out (30 minutes?) to Vancouver (YVR) Airport and drop the car off there. Take the Skytrain to Waterfront Station. The station is next door to the Pan Pacific.
  14. Depends on your price point. Before CV-19 we usually stayed at Hampton Inn, Best Western; both had cancel up to 24-48 hours before check in. You need to book directly on their respective websites. Can't help with the air portion, sorry.
  15. I think those were the ones in Suisun Bay. There was a big brew-hah about moving those due to lead paint flaking off while being towed or some where in such bad shape it was afraid they'll breakup while still within SF Bay. Howard Hughes's Glomar Explorer "spy" ship was anchored there for a bunch of years.
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