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  1. If you don't mind taking a subway train, HK has an excellent Airport Express train from the terminals to stations in Kowloon and HK Island. These are dedicated airport trains. From the Kowloon Station you can take the complimentary AE shuttle bus to your hotel. I think there is a complimentary porter service to help you from the platform to the shuttle, tipping is not necessary, but welcomed. Your bus route looks to be K2: http://www.mtr.com.hk/en/customer/services/complom_free_bus.html Look out & avoid the a few "freelance porters" that will direct you to their taxi... Regular taxis are plentiful at the airport, it's about a 45 minute drive in to Kowloon, but you'll need to pay in HK$, no credit cards. It's also best to print out the name of the hotel & address in Chinese as a lot of the drivers English is limited. On the hotel's website upper right corner just click on the Chinese characters next to ENGLISH and you'll get to the Chinese side. Others can tell you what the current fares are. As you come out of Customs & Immigration there's a bank of ATMs nearby to get some HK$.
  2. I have hard copy of all docs and emails in a multi pocket folder, copies in the cloud. I've had enough experience with persons on the other side of the counter that don't want to see or care to see what's on my phone or tablet. Post trip everything is thrown into a folder until the next spring cleaning. Plane/Trains receipts, travel ins docs are kept longer in a separate envelope incase some future issue comes up. Stuff in the cloud stays until I'm tired of seeing it.
  3. We have a "China travel account" with a Chinese bank with branches in the US. They require us to come into the branch and fill out a travel form every time we expect to use their credit or debit cards outside of the US. The only reason we keep it it's better than going to Bank of Mom every time we need $ when we visit her
  4. At a minimum the cruise line will probably want written & notarized permission from the parents along with a power of attorney allowing you to make medical decisions. Unless the cruise line requires it, technically a birth certificate would do on a closed-loop cruise. OTH, stuff happens and it would be prudent for the friend to have a passport especially when the parents are not there...just in case.
  5. Philob


    It's a design feature to make the space look more spacious and allows you to keep an eye on your wallet while in the loo 😎
  6. Some people settle their account on the last night and let any subsequent charges go on their card. This is to avoid the lines at the reception desk on the last morning or if you have to get off the ship asap.
  7. Who's your phone carrier? The biggies AT$T, Veri$ion, and T-Mobile all have international plans, check with them and you won't have to get a SIM card. We have T-Mobile that includes coverage for over 120 countries. SWMBO's iThingy there were no issues except maybe the speed; I have an older phone and it was basically a camera. U only need a VPN if you're planning on using the internet a lot, the Great Firewall blocks out about 90% of non-Chinese websites. Anything Google and a lot of VPNs are blocked.
  8. $35-$40 plus any "congestion pricing" surcharges in effect and type of ride you order. https://www.lyft.com/rider/fare-estimate https://www.uber.com/us/en/price-estimate/
  9. If you can lug n roll your luggage to the Welcome Center at Pier 39 they have luggage storage. https://www.pier39.com/pier-info/frequently-asked-questions/#1474930153957-7897bd7d-c9dd
  10. What's your budget? They all go about $250-300+ a night. The nearest hotels to the cruise terminal are over a mile away; Fisherman's Wharf to the north and the Financial District/Embarcadero to the south. Flat walk, taxi, or Lyft/Uber to to the terminal. Plus there's the F Line street cars, but those are made up of vintage street cars from around the country/world, but are not luggage friendly. Alternative is to stay at one of the airport hotels, cheaper, and most have shuttles to/from the airport. You can either taxi or Lyft/Uber to the cruise terminal. If Princess has a shuttle, you can take the hotel shuttle back to the airport.
  11. I tried, but the whole town and of course Al's was filled with bikers & beer. Ended up at Locke Garden, the Chinese place at the end of Main Street 😖
  12. Rogelio's in Isleton, CA, Sacramento Delta: https://rogelios.net/
  13. None. Only large buses are exempt. All other vehicles for hire only requires them to allow the passenger to install one. The driver will not assist in the installation. Uber Family is in some cities and for an up charge may provide one. Some car rental companies will rent one to you, but after a two day rental, you could have gone to Walmart and bought one.
  14. House of Dancing Water...we saw that in 2010...that was W👀W!...Cirque meets Universal Studios Waterworld. Couple of blocks down from St. Paul's along the walking circuit there's this jerky shop, on the left side walking towards the Cathedral, sells by weight. Great stuff, SWMBO was going to buy 8 kilos worths, but you can't bring any of it back to the US. The ladies ask, "American? No US in." Get some for your cruise if you like jerky. The Asian style dried fruit was good too.
  15. Anime? Then you gots to go here: http://www.ghibli-museum.jp/en/
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