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  1. Taking a guess. Radio comms? Alpha, Bravo, Charlie....Zulu.
  2. Most times when you purchase an insurance policy online you will not get a copy to review before hitting "BUY". Some states have a 30-day "free look", where you can review your coverages for 30-days and cancel with full refund if you don't like it. Of course if you cancel you may have timing issues with your next policy with regards to the pre-existing conditions waiver. IMO I would rather talk to a real human (on the phone) about which policy to purchase based on my specific needs. A travel agent (may be licensed), but I would avoid buy insurance from them. Their prim
  3. If your a member of Kaiser (or any health plan) your jab will eventually be part of your medical record. I looked up mine and I can print an "official" certificate of all my immunizations, even has the fancy Kaiser & State of California logos on it. KID got his jabs at a county drive-up site and was recorded in his Kaiser records within a week of each jab. Kaiser uses My Chart.
  4. 'Cause somebody with a lot of shares of a MEGA data management company wouldn't mind seeing their shares go up a point or two 😎
  5. The QR menu thing was happening in Asia before COVID. Last time we were in China (2017) one of the restaurants we went to had no paper menus, under the glass tabletop were pictures of the dishes and their QR. The waiter showed SWMBO what needed to be done to order. Other restaurants had similar setups but had backup paper menus for folks like us.
  6. QR (quick response) was developed in Japan. Bar codes has a limitation of 20 alphanumeric characters where a QR has about 7000 (to accommodate Japanese characters and alphanumeric). The add'l info can be used for product info, inventory & quality control and at the register.
  7. Except for the casino, ships are cashless. You may deposit cash into your onboard account when you board and anything you spend on board will be deducted from there. Daily "service charges" are also deducted from your account. When your account runs out you won't be able to buy anything and have to go back to the front desk to replenish your account. You generally add tips for bartenders on the slip you sign, though some people will slip a few $ directly to the barkeep. If you want to leave a cash tip for your room attendant you can do that at the end of your cruise. R
  8. QR codes are the new bar codes. Those are the square black/white splotches you see on almost everything now.
  9. IMO this will be the standard requirement for entry into most countries for the foreseeable future. While the EU and other countries are working on vaccine passports, that's unlikely going to happen in the US. How cruise lines will handle this with their ports of call and especially the disembarkation port is above my pay grade, but I have my guesses.
  10. Thank you for the clarification. FYI: You'll find insurance companies in general are unwilling to give copies to non-policyholders. When I shopped for homeowner insurance I asked about a specific coverage and the agent took out the "book" and showed me the section of the policy I was asking about. I asked if I could take it home to read and she said it was the only copy she had and it was from her own policy. The company won't give the agent "sample" copies. When shopping for insurance for clients I get "sample" copies of endorsements, but never a full copy until afte
  11. Allianz or AIG? Your initial posts said AIG, now it's Allianz? Those are two different insurance companies.
  12. I think the post office is legally required to attempt to deliver it. Hence the "last mile" delivery service the USPS offers to Amzn, FedEx, UPS, etal. What you do with the mail after its delivered is up to you. Unless the USPS is abolished, the govmint will still continue to use it and send you pesky things like your property tax bill, auto registration, IRS audit notices, etc.
  13. I've been using Informed Delivery for years, I wouldn't rely on it completely. There's usually one piece of mail that'll be unable to show. It's usually junk mail, but it could be something important, like a jury duty failure to appear warrant 😎 Best to have a trusted house checker take a glance for important looking mail.
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