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  1. Philob

    Chinese Departure Card

    I forgot to add the immigration officer will keep the Departure Card when you leave (stamped out) of China.
  2. Philob

    Chinese Departure Card

    When you arrive in China you will be required to complete a Arrival/Departure card; if flying in you'll get that from the FA's prior to touch down, if not the forms will be somewhere in the immigration line. The Departure Card will be in your passport when you get it back from the immigration officer.
  3. Philob

    Street food Singapore, Malayasia, Thailand

    Start out with Mike Chen on U-tube There should be no issues with eating street food in Singapore. Of course it depends on your stomach, YMMV. SWMBO is from Southern China, even she doesn't eat street food in China. Taiwan yes, China no.
  4. 5-10 minute FLAT walk northbound on the Embarcadero. Compass heading is W but streetwise it's northbound. https://www.bigbustours.com/en/san-francisco/san-francisco-routes-and-tour-maps/
  5. Philob

    Transporation to/from the pier and Hong Kong Disney

    The Hong Kong MTR (subway) has dedicated Disneyland trains https://www.hongkongdisneyland.com/guest-services/mtr-disneyland-resort-line/ You just need to get to the closest MTR station near the pier, the cruise terminal or line should have shuttles. The signage in the MTR is multilingual and there is at least one English speaking station agent on duty. https://traveltriangle.com/blog/disneyland-in-hong-kong/
  6. When will you be in San Francisco? One of the main attractions of Sausalito is looking back to the City's spectacular skyline and IMO it's better at night. Plus you get to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge at night, twice! Major caveat! Karl the Fog likes to roll in 3-4 o'clock in the afternoon and ruins the view for everybody. He's more prevalent in the summer months. There's a night photo I got somewhere where Karl played nice and stayed low over the water. From Sasualito it looked like the City was floating on clouds.
  7. Philob

    VPN in China

    Wifi on board should be fine using the ship's satellite equipment. Depending on your plan with Verizon, emails & texts should be no issue unless you use Gmail. I could access Gmail when I arrive and a day or so later...door slam. AOL & Yahoo! was always available to me. I know some folks use their work email account and have no issues, but I'm sure their IT security will. BTW you may see signs for FREE WiFi! Don't indulge, you have to provide your mobile phone number and confirm the text they send you. From then on you'll be getting spam texts for the next 10,000 years
  8. Philob

    Medical Coverage Amount

    Cruising Alaska or the Caribbean, maybe $250,000. Anywhere else, no less than $500,000. Just remember to try to have a couple of high limit credit cards with you. 1) Many medical providers will want payment at time of service, in some cases, before you get to go past the waiting room. And they will not bill your insurance, that's your job. 2) Travel insurance is generally indemnity insurance, meaning you pay first and claim with them when you get home, so try to get the doctors statement or your file before you go out the door
  9. Learned from here that buying from the cruise line, the insurance terms tend to favor the cruise line. As GC says check out a few third-party travel insurance brokers, their premiums should be better and terms more favorable to the traveler.
  10. Philob

    VPN in China

    Major western companies have an "arrangement" with Beijing. I know the major hotel chains like Hilton, Sheraton have their own VPN to keep their reservations systems updated, likewise all the airlines. Cisco is big enough and your IT security folks probably don't want you outside of their VPN anyway.
  11. Philob

    VPN in China

    The Great Firewall blocks out about 80-90% of websites outside of China. The remaining are monitored and anything they don't like the content is blocked. Without a VPN those services you mentioned will be blocked. And it isn't just any VPN will work, you need a service that constantly poking for holes. Your VPN of choice may work fine today, but by the end of the week, it's plugged.
  12. Philob

    Cab recommendations in SFO

    In front of Pier 39 (next to the Alcatraz pier) there's a taxi ONLY line. It's been there for 30+ years, but none of the Lyft/Uber drivers got the memo It's a $110 memo when they do get it.
  13. I don't know about older passport photos, but most likely in the past 10 years or so, the photo submitted with the application is scanned. When you renew your passport and they look you up that old photo probably pops up. I was able to sneak a peek at the border agent's screen in China and in the upper corner was a the photo used on my visa application and an older photo from the past.
  14. I tend to avoid treadmills on land too.
  15. Philob

    Is it okay to wear my wedding ring

    SWMBO stopped wearing hers because of her old job required frequent hand washing and wearing of exam gloves. On our travels she wears the ring from the Cracker Jack Box our Kid gave her