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  1. TrishaHamilton

    ?Easiest Way to See Pompeii?

    Paul: Perhaps you should re-read my second post where I indicated that using an Audioguide is not exactly on your own! Maybe you were so into your audioguide you didn't notice the hundreds of people that were walking around without benefit of an audioguide or a live guide! Sheesh!
  2. TrishaHamilton

    ?Easiest Way to See Pompeii?

    Carlmm: I would say that using an audioguide is not exactly "on your own" now is it?? Doing your homework as you have done is very good; but Carlmm when most people say "do it on their own"; I conjure up images of someone walking in, buying their ticket and wandering around which is useless! So by all means if someone is going to research for a considerable period of time and bring books etc with them then yes; do it on your own; it's a huge area and you could well spend hours there but if you want to do as we did and see the Amalfi coast or some other area in the same day then you should get a guide; or in the very least an audioguide; but I repeat DO NOT do this on your own.
  3. TrishaHamilton

    ?Easiest Way to See Pompeii?

    We got a private guide there for 90 Euro August 12/07. He spoke English and was very knowledgeable. DO NOT try and visit the ruins on your own; it will be mostly meaningless!! We hooked up with another couple from cruise critic so it was afforadable.
  4. TrishaHamilton

    Info needed on Livorno port of call

    I just returned from this cruise on August 23rd on the Legend and all I wanted to say was be careful that you actually have 2 days in Pisa/Florence. Many of us were fooled as we were supposed to be in Livorno/Pisa for 2 days. Our itinerary actually had us arriving August 20 at 7:00 am and leaving August 21 at 1:00 am which translates into 1 hour past midnight! There were many people who had to cancel hotel rooms etc. I also recommend you don't take the ship Florence on your own. You will arrive at approximately 10:30 and have to leave at 3:30 - not nearly enough time for such a beautiful city!
  5. TrishaHamilton

    Help For Rome

    I just came back from Rome and a Med cruise. We took the train from FCO to our hotel downtown and while it was easy as the train comes right into the airport; you must remember the crowds and you have to get your luggage on the trains by yourselves!! We are not disabled at all and this was hard work! We advertised on the roll calls and found a very nice couple to share the limo from Rome to Civta and from Civta to FCO at the end. The driver stopped at 2 hotels in Rome and it was 140 Euro. At the end it was also 140 Euro to go to the airport. The best part was they handled all the bags! I don't have their name but if you want it I could find out. BTW our original limo company we booked did not show up but our hotel in Rome found us this company. They were 20 Euros more but they were dependable.
  6. TrishaHamilton

    Scavi Tour Notification

    Well, I guess we were extremely lucky. I e-mailed a request on a Monday night; got a booking day and time on the Thursday; everything paid for by Friday!
  7. TrishaHamilton

    Need help with Amalfi driver

    Now I'm worried :eek: I usually like to drive myself when on hairpin turns as I'm the only person I trust! I don't even let my husband drive!! We booked him and Giovanni is supposed to be the one coming to get us. He is charging us $300 euros for 8:00 am to 5:00 which I feel is quite reasonable. We were debating the Pompeii guide though...not sure if that is something I would like to do...how is it different from touring by yourself??
  8. TrishaHamilton

    Need help with Amalfi driver

    Thanks very much Bill; we booked him. 300 euros for 8 hours and 20% no show fee just like you said. We will be picked up at the ship and then it sounds like he takes you quite a few places so I'm sure we will be happy. Thank you very much for chiming in!!!!
  9. TrishaHamilton

    Need help with Amalfi driver

    Hello Kentuky Traveler: I was wondering what you meant by Giovanni living up to the reputation of the roads?? Was he a good driver or did he driver crazy. Do you mind me asking what the cost was for this service and how many were you? Thank you!
  10. TrishaHamilton

    Is tipping getting out of hand??

    Thank you so much for clarifying this (without getting on to another subject entirely!!!) I will tip accordingly and then some when warranted.:D
  11. TrishaHamilton

    Is tipping getting out of hand??

    Whoa!!!!! I'm a first time cruiser so pardon my ignorance. I read all the posts up to page 4 then I became dizzy! Two questions: 1. If you pay your tips upfront do the staff know that you have tipped them? 2. If you decide to pay on your own; is it manatory to pay the same tips that you would pre-pay? Thank you!
  12. TrishaHamilton

    Messina to Taorima-Can it be done in 4-5 hrs?

    Hello All: Here is some info I found on Trip Advisor from someone who cruised in Sicily. You can take the train or the bus. The bus drops you off in the middle of town, the train at the bottom of the hill ( a way from town, and it then requires a bus trip into town.)The bus is more convenient, but it is a 1 1/2 hour trip. The train runs every 1/2 hr; the bus (Interbus) every 1 1/2 hrs. The buses are clean, and the seats are great. Both are a short hop from the docks. (we walked to the bus)