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  1. so Gray, are you saying that those that i posted are legible and able to be used? if so i will post the rest and then WE can rest ha ha
  2. you are all welcome, still awaiting response from admin on how to post for everyone on here instead of emails, i hate to disappoint people for when this thread gets old and I then dont respond. if any of you know how i can post them on here in this topic, PLEASE let me know.
  3. uploaded using the app, but cant see them on my computer. if they are no use in that format Ill not post the rest, will keep on looking for ways though thanks
  4. Let's see if this works. Sunday daily Sent from my SM-G960F using Forums mobile app
  5. welcome and glad could help. bobby drop me an email, easier for me
  6. have asked administrator to help so i can post on here, that way people can get them after i stop with the emails. much easier for everyone. your very welcome by the way
  7. pop me an email and i can send, its hard enough, have sent administrator a message to see if they can help with posting on thread, believe it or not had around twenty requests so far, all fulfilled but only a few received comments on here.
  8. Your submission could not be processed because a security token was missing. If this occurred unexpectedly, please inform the administrator and describe the action you performed before you received this error. thats what i get when trying to upload pics
  9. Drinks package is amazing, all the good brands. Take straws if you use them normally as they don't do them, trying to save the planet yet there are LOTS of plastic cups being blown around the decks. Make sure you book for the shows as they sell out fast and people need to wait in standby lines, the shows were very good for most part however that is personal taste, we didnt enjoy flyboys nor christian mira the comedy magician. they are strict with the no videos or photos for the shows that are marked, the others feel free. Palma shuttle still drops you off in the middle of nowhere so research before you go, lots of people selling garbage on the streets, be careful with your possessions. lots of people mentioned on here about deck 18 forward taking the lift opposite the one for haven guests, we went for a look, yes it has lovely plush loungers, yes it is quiet, yes there was plenty of space, but its away from everything and there is no bar service or pool, we had a 12 year old with us so opted for the decks 14\15 depends what your looking for. if i think of more ill add to this
  10. if anyone can help me with my method thatd be great, already started emailing dailies. happy to help whilst the holiday bug is still fresh.
  11. hey guys n gals, I have just spent approx 4 hours trying to upload dailies for the EPIC med circuit cruise that we just got off this morning, but for some reason in this day and age we are being met with a shed load of stumbling blocks, missing a token was one of them, anyways, anyone on EPIC MED, BARCELONA, SEA, NAPLES, ROME, LIVORNO, CANNES, PALMA give me a shout on here or a r m s t r o n g 6 7 7 @ h o t m a i l . c o m delete the spaces happy to help if can, The Armstrongs
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