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  1. I am just trying to decide what time to book an airport transfer.... We have a late flight home, so in no rush to leave the ship, going direct to airport, and want to spend as little time there as possible. What time will we be thrown out of either the Elite or Concierge Lounge (or is it just a holding area) on disembarkation day?
  2. Thanks all! I called, and it's all sorted now. I was quoting the correct numbers, so not sure what was happening, but not got time to worry now! Flights, hotel and transfers to book now! Helllllp!
  3. I have just booked a cruise which departs on Friday (eek). I tried to do online checkin, as there are only 4 days to go, it won't accept our Captain's Club numbers? The error message is that the number does not match my name and DOB (my husband's didn't work either). Haven't cruised with Celebrity since 2014, so perhaps things have changed? I want to make sure my Elite status is recorded, and I'm running outta time! Any help/advice anyone?
  4. Yes, I agree. I think this is 3rd or 4th time this has happened to us. We are sailing again on Wednesday, so will make it a cash account. Hadn’t thought of that. Doh!
  5. Update: I called the C&A number kindly provided by Grapau27 above, and was told to call this number: 01932 834119 Have now found out it was a drinks charge in the Windjammer. We had a deluxe package, so it is obviously incorrect, and will now be refunded. It was fairly straightforward to get done.
  6. Yes, this happens frequently to us now. Always a charge for towels or drinks or minibar that need refunded post-cruise. Just a little extra $$ bonus for RCCL. So if they do this to every cabin, that's 6000 x $20. That's quite a lot of extra revenue for nothing! I'm sure that's what Royal are banking on. It is a small amount, and most people won't bother/won't notice.
  7. Not sure, as they weren't on our final invoice on the last morning.
  8. thank you, but I'm in UK - is there an email address?
  9. They have actually been charged to my credit card.
  10. So, just got my cc statement, and have some post-cruise charges that have been added after departure. Can someone let me know who I should contact? Many thanks!
  11. We've just returned from our Oasis of the Seas cruise, and I was really pleased to see that my son's were using their grandparent's "welcome aboard" gift of a lovely RCCL branded hanging toiletries bag circa 2006. Grandparents would have been Diamond members back then. This made me think.... we have been Diamond for a few years, and never had a gift of that calibre. Of course, I realise being Diamond is no big deal anymore.... We got a plate of cookies, a can of Sprite Zero, and some chocolate strawberries mid-cruise on Oasis. Has anyone had anything decent (in the past or present), as a welcome gift from RCCL?
  12. Well, my first thought was that it was OLD signage, but with this thread originally mentioning Wonderland being a future possibility, I assumed I had got it wrong.
  13. We were on Oasis last week, and were looking at the deckplan beside the lift. My husband noticed "Izumi Diamond Lounge" on deck 4, but we knew the DL was on deck 11. So we had a look at the deck 11 details, and it said "Wonderland" where the DL is currently. So the signs are already in place for Wonderland. I wish I had taken a photo now!
  14. It is a good substitute, which I would recommend if you don't like bacon with lots of fat running through it (like American streaky-type bacon).
  15. I didn't realise D+ got a discount off the Deluxe package - I'm only D at the moment, but something to look forward to... Does this only apply to onboard purchase, or do you get a discount via the cruise planner tool?
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