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  1. I've got myself thoroughly confused! We will be on the Liberty leaving out of Galveston - Central time. I am trying to make an appointment on Grand Cayman. Does the ship change time based on time zones or does it always stay the same? If we are in port from 10:30 - 6:00, and I want an appointment at 12:00, what time is that in Grand Cayman?
  2. We are on the Freedom for the 1st time in a couple of weeks. We have done the Magic three times. We have been to all the ports multiple times. The deciding factor for us was that the Freedom left and returned on Saturday instead of Sunday. That way we could take our time driving home before going back to work on Monday.
  3. Check out the Sante Wellness Center. We went several years ago and are considering it again this summer. Absolutely awesome!
  4. I try to find a Nativity Set - locally crafted - from each country we visit. And unique Christmas ornaments. The kids love unpacking them each Christmas. I have glass enclosed curio cabinets and have been known to leave them up year round.
  5. We took our kids on their first cruise this past June. They were 8, 9, 9. It was understood that they had to spend at least 2 hours a day in Camp. This was difficult for our 9 yo DS. He prefers being with Mom and Dad and is a little quieter than the girls. He would go when required and spend the rest of the time with us. DH and I enjoyed the one-on-one time with him. Our 8 yo DD enjoyed camp and the activities. But after dinner, she was ready to stay in her room and watch cartoons. When she's tired, she goes to bed. She was rooming with Grandma so this worked out pretty well. Our 9 yo DD LOVED camp. Loved everything about it. Wanted to stay for all the activities and the late night parties. On the day with the party til 3, I figure she spent 15 hours at camp THAT DAY. She wanted to eat dinner with them instead of us. We tried to allow them to set their own schedules (within reason). After all, this was their first BIG vacation. We spent the whole time bringing the kids from one event to the next. On a funny note: DH and I went on the same ship (Magic) this month for our Annual Vacation Without the Kids. We are walking around and he keeps saying "I didn't know this was here, I hadn't seen that." He was totally surprised by the Serenity deck.
  6. We enjoy sitting with others. Most of the cruises we take is just the two of us, so we enjoy meeting new people and hearing about what they are doing on their cruise. It is a good way to learn about the different shore excursion and activities that we haven't tried yet. But, unlike a lot of you, we work together. But meals are a lot more fun without the kids!
  7. I have the hot chocolate every night after dinner instead of coffee. It goes great with the warm chocolate melting cake. Talk about chocolate overload!
  8. We had 10 of us booked into 4 cabins on the Triumph sailing on June 3. Just moved to the Magic on June 16. This time 10 of us booked into 5 cabins. Price, after our cancellation discount, was about the same. We're very happy!!:D We're taking our kids on their first cruise. They are 8,9,9. We were a little leery about taking them on a 7 day for their first but we took the plunge anyway. Just hate having to wait 2 more weeks.
  9. Priority Check-In Program Carnival’s Priority Check-In is an exclusive service designed to afford our Platinum, Diamond VIFP guests, those traveling in deluxe suite accommodations with special registration privileges and guests who purchase the Faster to the Fun program. Cruise tickets for Platinum, Diamond VIFP guests, those traveling in deluxe accommodations and those who have purchased the Faster to the Fun program will read, "Please proceed to Priority Check-In". Qualifying guest need only to ask for “Priority Check-In” upon arrival at the cruise terminal. Embarkation staff will ensure that the guests are expedited through the check-in procedure as quickly as is possible, while providing quality service. We offer Priority Check-In at ALL embarkation ports. Note: For those guests traveling with an additional stateroom that does not fall into one of the four categories above, the additional stateroom may check in through the Priority Program only if, 1) there are minor children traveling in the additional stateroom, or 2) the guests in the additional stateroom share the same Sail & Sign account with the qualified Priority guest. We have two 8 year olds and their 76 year old Grandma in the second cabin.
  10. UNLESS there are minors in the second cabin or everyone is on the same Sail and Sign card. You can check this info out under Priority Boarding in the FAQ's.
  11. I'm so glad that you have a guaranteed trip scheduled! We agonized over what to do because if we didn't get to go the first week of March if would be October before we would be free to go again. Just couldn't wait that long!!!! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Hope you have a great trip. Carrie
  12. That may be true. We have a very small window of opportunity for this cruise. We won't lose anything but may not gain anything. The Magic is filling up fast and we couldn't take the risk of not getting on. Where did you find the information about the cruise credit having to be used this year? I looked earlier and couldn't find anything.
  13. I talked to a Carnival rep this afternoon. Anyone booked on a cruise on the Triumph departing before March 21 can cancel without a penalty. We were told that Carnival was having a meeting and could announce further cancellations as early as this afternoon. We went ahead and booked the Magic for 3-3 but are waiting to cancel until we see what Carnival is going to do. We can't use any potential cruise discount for this sailing but there is always next year. We were also told yesterday that if we cancelled there would be a penalty.
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