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  1. We plan to fly in two days in advance so August 30th and 31st. Two per room or perhaps 4 in some cases. Not sure what airport yet as I don't believe anyone has bought airline tickets. Which is recommended? I don't have a range as I really don't know. I do know that I don't want to break the bank though so I guess around 200 a night or lower.
  2. I will be with a group of 16 traveling from Northern California. This will be the first time a lot of us have ever been to New York and we plan to come in a couple days early. That being said I know nothing about Hotels in NY, what is your recommendation for somewhere near the attractions/transportation that won't break our bank. Would like recommendations for transportation from the airport for a group as well.
  3. PartyAnimal

    Private Tour Question

    Does he only do smaill groups?
  4. PartyAnimal

    Just off Caribbean Princess Questions?

    Did they have the crab pot? What days? I will be traveling on the 25th and can't wait. This was my favorite meal when I was on the Grand. Also any suggestions for excursions with small kids (under10)in Bonaire? My sister is bringing her Grandchildren.
  5. PartyAnimal

    PV Tour for large Group

    I am starting to panic as I have been looking for a good tour guide for a group of 30+ people for our cruise in Dec. I have found one that looked pretty good but he wanted 50% upfront and that made me a little uncomfortable. Any suggestions?
  6. I am booking my airline reservations today and for the return they have a 11:15 a.m. or 4:30 p.m. What time does the Miracle disembark? We are flying out of Long Beach Airport. Do you think we can make the 11:15 or is that a little too close for comfort?
  7. What are the room numbers?
  8. Stay on the ship in Port Book a Spa Balcony cabin Go to a CC roll call meet and Greet (I always forget) Do the Chef's Table Do a Trans-Atlantic Cruise
  9. PartyAnimal

    how to write letter to ship staff?

    You can write to John on his blog and he will make sure they get it.
  10. I live in the bay area and will be arranging transportation to and from the Port. This is my first time cruising out of S.F. what would be a safe time for pick up?
  11. PartyAnimal

    Goodbye, Carnival

    I am also a big Carnival fan but decided to try NCL and fell in love. I still will cruise Carnival as I am close to Diamond but I want to play the field. I am currently booked on Princess because it was close to home and I did not want to fly. I bought a FCC on NCL so I will definately will be going back. I will probably do the Dawn again out of Boston. Although the Dawn was an older ship the amenities with booking a suite was wonderful. The staff was so great and they made you feel so important. I really liked the anytime dining and the specialty restaurants. I also like the fact that they had a 24 hour restaurant that you could get something other than pizza after a long night out. Love those hot wings late at night. Now I will definately go back to Carnival as it is my first love, but I do love "shipping around".
  12. PartyAnimal

    Carnival v NCL

    I sailed on the Dawn last year and I am a devoted Carnival lover. But......I was so pleasantly surprised and cannot wait to cruise her again. I even bought FCC to make sure. I must add that I had a suite so my experience may have been a little different. But boy was it an experience. They treated us like royalty and made us feel very special. The staff was unbelievably friendly and reminded me of the "old" Carnival. Where they would learn your name the first day and then anytime they saw you would know exactly what you wanted. We also enjoyed the Carribbean music on the LIDO. That always gets me in the mood. The food was very good and I like the fact that if you get hungry late at night they had a 24 hour restaurant that you could go to and order from a menu. The hot wings were the bomb. I am excited for you and I think you will have fun. I will be doing this same ship and cruise in 2017. I am too close to Diamond on Carnival to stop now, plus I do still like them.
  13. How do you reserve the CT?
  14. PartyAnimal

    Roaton-Tour Pick-up at Carnival Pier

    Yes, I am aware of the taxi's that take you over the hill but with so many of us. I remember the last time we went, we just went out the pier doors where the taxi's were and caught a tour. I just don't remember the name but it was about 9 of us. Oh well, I'll just see what the majority decide, we are a group of ages 50+ with only a couple of people with canes.
  15. PartyAnimal

    Roaton-Tour Pick-up at Carnival Pier

    This will be my fourth trip to Roaton but this time I will have about 25 friends with me. We are getting up in age and there are some physical limitations. I love Vic Bodden but I don't think my group will want to walk or take a cab to catch our tour. Is there any private tours that pick up at the pier.