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  1. Geez. Thanks for pointing out it was all my fault...:( God forbid I cancelled because a pandemic was fast approaching and I didn't want to endanger my family
  2. So I was scheduled to go out on the Pearl on 3/15 and cancelled on 3/11 (with no penalty) 2 days before NCL officially cancelled on 3/13. (I may be wrong on my exact dates, but close enough). My point is I cancelled BEFORE NCL did it for me. That next week, NCL published on their website (see pic) that all guests who were scheduled with embarkation dates of 3/13-3/17 would be issued a 150% credit. My wife and I discussed whether we should take the 100% refund or let NCL keep our money and have an even nicer cruise later on. We opted to take our chances and use the 150% credit for a future
  3. Thanks Tutontow. I may have to try that. It is definitely all about the rush! :) I also do not like the CSMs. An even greater advantage to the house :( With the 'Free at Sea', it won't be very hard to build up that liquid courage lol! My older son just turned 18 and wants to play BJ. However, I've told him our luck ON the ship will most likely not be very good. It's all about luck with those @#$% CSMs! We are going to seek out some land-based casinos during our stops (Roatan, Harvest Cay, Costa Maya, and Cozumel). We did this itinerary about 10 years ago so we've already been to th
  4. This is an old thread, but the only one I could find on here :) Can anyone update me on the current status of blackjack aboard NCL? How many decks? CSM vs. ASM and/or hand shuffle. Min bets? BJ payout? 3/2, 6/5, etc. Thanks - any info will be helpful. In reading the posts above, I understand the odds of winning are even lower. Just trying to figure out if I should host a game in my suite or play in the real casino! LOL Thanks, TF
  5. Thanks. That def helps. I'm def not a fan of the cont shuffling system but some of those limits are too high for me. Maybe I'll get a little liquid courage from their "Free at Sea"....falling right into their trap...lol
  6. I searched the threads but was unable to find the answer to my question. How many decks does NCL use in a shoe? And more importantly do they shuffle a new shoe after those 6? decks, or do they use a continuous shuffling machine? This will be my first trip on NCL. I know Carnival uses the CSMs, and they are horrible...benefit=house! TIA, Tallyfins
  7. I went ahead and booked one of the forward facing cabins and the balcony is HUGE in comparison. We booked 9502 since it was 2 decks down from the bridge (instead of 10502 which is directly below the bridge windows). I think that will be nice - and certainly much quieter than the aft ones on 8 near Bliss...
  8. I cant seem to find any specific info on the sizes of these 2 rooms either on this board or on NCL's site. It only gives a range of the room and balcony combined. My question is the deck on 9 looks larger than the deck on 10, based on pictures and videos I've watched on YouTube. Does anyone know that since Deck 10's balcony is smaller, that the room itself may in fact be larger? I'm sure we will enjoy either room, but just curious if there is a size diff in the 2 rooms themselves. TIF, Tallyfins
  9. Has anyone stayed in any of the following Aft Penthouse suites recently? As with the OP, I too am concerned about the noise from Bliss and the bowling lanes on Deck 7 below. Can anyone confirm noise issues in rooms 8630, 8632, 8132, or 8130 on the Pearl? I am looking at a trip next month on the Pearl and the available suites are down to about 3-4. (The other are Forward on the front of the ship, cost about $500 more, and I'm worried about them being too windy). Thanks, TF
  10. Ok - thanks to everyone except the lone smart a$$ geography major. I will work on getting it renewed via expediting. I've had to go the expediting route before, so I am familiar with it. We are also going to Europe in June (yes, I know that is NOT a country Charles...) and I had planned to get it done before then. This cruise idea kind of popped up out of nowhere last week...
  11. There will be 4 of us traveling and 2 of our passports will expire within 3 months of our cruise (Carribean March 2020). As long as they do not expire before we return, should we be OK? One expires in April and the other in June. I know for international travel, most airlines will not let you travel if your passport is expiring within 3 months of your trip. Thanks in advance, TF
  12. anyone have a rough idea on the price diff between the 2? Obv the 'Free at Sea' one only adds gratuities. Also - anyone have any insight into my blackjack questions? Thanks so far for the help TF
  13. That's a good point. Does anyone else have any experience staying aft on the Pearl (or any sister ships) and are you aware of the noise coming from the Bliss Ultra Lounge? Thanks, TF
  14. Good morning all - I have been a lifelong Carnival customer who is finally tired of getting zero perks back from them (after 70+ days on board) and am officially making the leap onto another line. I am looking into doing the NCL Pearl for Spring Break next month and have a few questions. Most I have found the answers on by reading the board posts, google searches, etc., but I still have a few. 1) I plan to book a suite for me and my wife and an OV for the kids (both 18+). I plan to take advantage of all 4 perks offered for the suite for me and my wife and obviously we only get 2 pe
  15. I am contemplating this room on a future cruise. I found this YouTube video when I was doing some research https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKaIW6MKbX8 Also - I found this out when doing a mock booking. If you choose 'Suite' on the initial booking you get one price. When I chose 'MiniSuite', it then offered me to 'upgrade' for 'X' $/day/pp and the total ended up being about $300ish less.
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