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  1. We were on the Ovation on the Sept 3 sailing. My husband and I were impressed and happy with the rules and protocol out of Seattle. I havent been following the Florida sailings closely but know its been a fluid situation. (and that Florida is a mess with Covid cases) We are thinking of booking a short cruise out of Florida in December. I am a bit worried the rules will be more lax. Does anyone know the differences between the sailings from Seattle verses Florida? Thanks!!
  2. Perfect! Thank you. Will add that to our speciality dining scheduling, checking out our table in the MDR and getting our sail away drinks. So exciting to be sailing again!
  3. We are boarding the Ovation this Friday. Does anyone know if we can schedule entertainment after boarding on the Quantum class ships now? We couldn't schedule anything online like we have with previous cruises?
  4. Just need the emergency number for our daughter's to call if they cannot reach us on our phones.
  5. I definitely understand that this is a fluid situation. I don't mind that the set sail time has changed. I do mind that they sold excursions and are now taking time away from ports but yet adding time in other ports. That doesnt make any sense to me at all. Im just hoping they transfer our excursions to something similiar in the time frames we now have in those ports. This is for my husband's 50th birthday, otherwise it wouldnt matter, as much. We already gave up the land tour in Canada..
  6. We had an excursions booked in Juneau and Skagway and I just received an email that the port times are being changed so apparently, we cannot do either of the booked excursions. I am so disappointed and angry right now. Email states due to CDC regulations, they are removing some time from the ports and set sail. We now set sail at 6PM instead of 4 PM due to it taking longer to get people on board. I hope they release different excursions to replace the current ones that are now not possible.....
  7. Thank you very much for this detailed reply. We love wine tasting and we will definitely try a few of these places!! Sounds like you had a wonderful day.
  8. Thank you to everyone who has responded w suggestions. It is very much appreciated!! No, I didn't mean to post on that forum and I am sad to see snarky responses. I posted here because I know some of the posters would give me informative, trust worthy answers. When I have posted in less active forums, I dont get as many responses, hence me coming here. Not that I owe anyone an explanation..... If you dont like my question, dont be a hateful jerk...just scroll by and ignore it!!!
  9. We spent an evening here in 2019. We loved it! It was one of our favorite places.
  10. We are booked on the Ovation on Sept 3 to Alaska. We have two questions w the first being the easiest. 1. Where, near the pier or Marriott Waterfront, can we buy two bottles of wine to take on ship with us? We like good/more expensive wine so need a wine shop or a place a bit better than a grocery store. 2. We were in Seattle for a week in fall of 2019 and fell in love with it. I know there are some concerns w safety now. We plan to fly in 2 days before the cruise and stay for 2 days after the cruise. I have our agenda pretty much planned. Is there anyplace we should avoid now that was safe in 2019..... Thanks!
  11. Awesome news! Thanks for sharing photos. We are on the Sept 3 sailing. Cannot wait to be back on a ship! Please keep us posted when you are back from your trip. Happy Sailing!
  12. Will all of these protocols be in place on the Sept Alaska sailings since vaccines are required?
  13. Heading out in Sept on the Ovation for our second Alaskan cruise. Anyone know who the CD will be? I was hoping for Mark but I think he is still slated for the Harmony.
  14. Does anyone know who is playing in the piano bar on the Majesty? We board next Saturday in NOLA. Thanks!
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