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  1. It isn't Henry Black on the Victory it is Peter Kraft. He is a very good piano player and has a list of song to sing along. Our group enjoyed him and he will play something that isn't on the list. As he said he has a very large Book of songs. He also has a CD for sale. One night he played longer then his time because there were so many requests. He said he was going to be there until October. I don't know when in October he is leaving. Also check out the guitar player Steve in the RED and BLACK room. He is Great! Ask him to play Cat Stevens. Have a great trip. We did. Kebooch:cool:
  2. Hi Diva, We're leaving Thursday on the Victory. Do you know anything about Henry Black? Who does he play to; an older or younger crowd. Love your updates. Do you know where Damian has gone? Kebooch
  3. I also have been asking about the piano bar player on the Victory. When are going to be on?? We're traveling 8/30 9/3. Lady in Red
  4. Do you know who is going to replace Peter on the Victory during 8/30 cruise?? Thanks for your up dates. Lady in Red
  5. Do you know what ship Damiam is going to doon after Aug7? Also we are going to be on the Victory Aug 20. Is Peter still going to be there? Thanks for any info. Lady in Red
  6. After reading thru the thread it seems that you are the most knowledgeable about Damiam Brell. I have read that the rock opera he wrote is being performed in the NZ in August. One night during our cruise (7/1-1/7) he played some for us. It was unforgetable. He is very talented. Do you know if his music is for sale in the states? Also we are planning our next cruise for the fall and we would like to see him again. If he is working at the end of September doyou know which ship he might be on? We talked about his teeth and getting braces. He might remember us from that conversation. I know he meets so many people each cruise. We really enjoyed his performance and how well he handled his audience that had a little too much to drink. Very professional! I would appreciate any information that might help . Thanks, Lady in Red
  7. Do you know where he will be nest season or if he is playing anywhere on land? NYC or LA???? Thanks Lady in Red:)
  8. I was on the Liberty July 1-July 7,2007 and Damian Brell was in the piano bar and he was awesome. Does anyone know where he will be after his vacation next month. We want to book our next cruise and we would like to know which ship he will be playing. Lady in Red
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