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  1. Anyone run into Kristen Taekman onboard Edge in Europe this week?
  2. LMaxwell, you are correct in that this was unacceptable. The concierge's job is actually not to protect or police the lounge. The concierge's job is actually to provide CUSTOMER SERVICE. There is a very kind and discreet way to kick someone out, or to enforce rules...and the person being walked out won't even realize it, because someone who is good at customer service will show empathy, care, and a great desire to help solve a problem. Rule #1: The customer is always right. Rule #2: If the customer is wrong, re-read rule #1. Sounds like this concierge needs a Dale Carnegie refresher course! LMaxwell, sorry this happened to your mother-in-law, and I hope you follow up with the concierge's supervisor in a written letter.
  3. The best beach is in the Columbus Cove area - Adrenaline Beach is very rocky. Bring a dollar store inflatable mat and leave it behind at the end of the day. Be sure to LOCK YOUR VALUBLES with a portable safe when you go into the water, or wear them in a waterproof bag around your neck.. Better yet, just take a room card, and leave your cell phone and cameras on the ship.
  4. Now THIS I can agree on! And what is up with the chocolate lava cake in the MDR that is a very light brown color...so strange...
  5. Well, of course. I'm not sure there is a carbon neutral way to travel, is there? Once you get to your destination, you have choices. https://www.bucuti.com/blog/caribbeans-first-certified-carbonneutral-resort-261
  6. No they would not. The question was about how I pack lunches at home. Those were not cruise ship suggestions.
  7. Our next vacation is in Aruba, at an eco-friendly resort called Bucuti & Tara. They have a 0 carbon footprint. It isn't perfect but we do what we can!
  8. There are lots of sandwich wraps out there that are multi-use. Yes, I use TP all the time. And I use paper towels (more sparingly). But paper breaks down MUCH more easily than plastic. I'd be thrilled if plastic were banned! Celebrity's new ship is not using plastic bottles. A great step in the right direction!
  9. Good question! A reusable glass lunch container, a reusuable sandwich wrap (google them), or in a pinch, aluminum foil. Never, ever a plastic bag.
  10. I never said I never use plastic of any kind. However, I avoid using plastic wherever I can. So no - I would not grab a sandwich packaged that way - not in a store, not in a gas station, not on a cruise. I also ask for drinks without plastic lids, I do not use straws, and I do not use plastic bags when checking out at a store.
  11. Sure. But that doesn't make single use plastics any less of a threat to our environment overall!
  12. I agree. The presentation is awful. And the single use plastic is even worse.
  13. Pool attendants do nothing. We were on Allure, and it is easy to spot which chairs no one is using. They have dry, unused towels spread out on them. Maybe with a paperback book. One row of chairs had their armrests knotted together with beach towels. Just plop down on one, and after you sit for 30 minutes, helpfully turn the items over to the pool attendant. If someone walks up in that 30 minutes and says you're in their chair, just say, "Oh, sorry!" and move. I promise you - I did this for an entire week on Allure and not. one. person. ever confronted me for using "their" chair. RCI - do your guests a favor and start monitoring.
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