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  1. Hi I dont know where the search button for the thread is at - trying to find out if Millenium after dry dock now has the basic internet package offered now reportedly on Reflection and Edge. Has anybody known the internet pricing on the Millie for a 14 days cruise?
  2. Does anyone know packages available on Millenium which just went thru an extensive renovation to S-classed it in January? $99 for a 2 weeks duration unlimited wifi access sounds very reasonable pricing. We will be on the 14 days TYO-YVR crossing and our status is Select.
  3. I wonder if the shuttle would operate if there is only one ship that day? Will be on Crown Princess calling on Apr 18, and is the only ship in board that day.
  4. Well, our 10 days holiday sailing on Royal last December worked the EXACT OPPOSITE. We booked the cruise as inside guarantee, payment was due in full the next day as usual. We had not even made payment yet, Princess assigned us cabin to a balcony. I had no clue because I normally did not check cabin assignment until a few days before sailing. My cruise agent called and asked me, "Did you read the email?" I said, "what email?" as we just came home when she called. It was the Princess upgrade email she forwarded. Fast forward to 3 months later, now on our 25 days to Europe and continue, on Crown Princess, sails Apr 3rd - we finally got our cabin assigned - and it was from an ID to an IA... meh. I actually prefer at ID Aft, much easier to get up to Lido and come down to MDR then at the Midship!
  5. I am not sure why such a big deal when one can easily take a 3 days St. Petersburg "cruise" from Stockholm via Helsinki and enter St. Petersburg Visa Free, as the sailing itself is considered a "tour". My friend and his family did exactly that last year, spend full 72 hours at St. Petersburg touring the city independently, using Uber extensively because he said subways were too expensive (since it was per person and they were a family of 4 or 5). He bought a SIM card with $5 and happily went everywhere using Uber, only took metro two times "for the experiences". Sure, the recent escalation of tension between the 2 countries is worrisome but I am sure the ordinary folks in St. Petersburg or Russia as whole, would NOT want their tourism dollars dwindled and therefore would try harder to make the tourists feel safe and welcome. It is big money big income supplement that the locals needed,. Most would not do bad things to jeopardize that income,
  6. Each card has its own offer. You have to create online log in for your additional user card, and see if the offer shows up on your card. ONLY if it shows up AND then you add the offer to your card, then you would get the $100 statement credit if you use your additional user card to make the transaction. This offer shows up twice a year, 2 or 3 years in a row. We had taken advantage in Mar and again in Dec last year - split the cruise fare into multiple $500 payments, each with a UNIQUE card that had the offer added to THAT card. Unfortunately for our upcoming 25 days Crown Princess, the offer came in a few days late. I had been waiting for the offer to show up and let the cruise went into Sold Out 3 times when Princess was juggling its inventory on this 14 days Transatlantic + 11 days Med sold as one package. When it finally came back to become available, I went ahead to book it (it went to Sold Out the next day and never returned available again). The AMEX offer came out like 3 or 4 days after that. :mad: We could have saved 6x $100 and still have offers left unused (out of 13 AMEX cards, 9 have the offer.) I added them anyway but most likely they will go to waste because they expire in late April IIRC. We never book cruises so far in advance - usually about 2 months to sail, sometimes less, even just 2 to 3 weeks. Works for us as we are retired for many years hence the flexibility.
  7. I hope you guys know Gate No.4 is still about 20 to 25 min walk from the ship's dock and that is IF they allow you to walk. Marseilles is an industrial port, We have been there twice and do not remember we were allowed to walk thru the dock areas.
  8. BAD advice to tell people to accept the store's rate of exchange from Euro to USD! If Carrefour takes credit card payment, as any other Carrefours in Europe, it is just a regular charge to the credit card, nothing to do with "cash charges". Bring a credit card that does not charge a foreign transaction fee - there are plenty of US-issued cards dont. Anyone who does any travel outside US should have one. Always make sure the charge is in LOCAL CURRENCY - in this case, EURO. Dont fall on the scam of DCC - Dynamic Currency Conversion, that the shops love to scam you by translating the local currency to your home currency - because in doing so, they pad on 3 to 5% extra on the exchange rate. ALWAYS choose to pay with LOCAL CURRENCY with your credit card - even if your US credit card charges a FTF, it would be no more than 3% - still better than the often 5% from the DCC. The better solution is to get yourself a no ETF no Annual Fee card - check out TD Bank and Capital One - they both have cards have no annual fee, no foreign transaction fee, earns 3% on dining, 2% on grocery and 1% everything else. Your Carrefour purchase would be classified as grocery, and earn you 2% cash rebate! You dont pay any foreign transaction fee as long as you are smart enough to insist being billed in LOCAL Currency, not accept a conversion.
  9. Not Upsell but complementary upgrade from inside GTY to a BC balcony on Royal Dec 20. Booked 11/06. Princess promptly assigned cabin the next day and our TA got the Upgrade Notice which she promptly forwarded to me but I was not by my computer the whole day. When she called in the evening to take the payment she asked me whether I got the email, and I was like, "what email?" Nice surprise naturally but not particular excited as the balcony on Royal and Regal is so tiny that we view it as an Ocean View Cabin. No way we would pay the still current $300pp difference between an inside GTY and a balcony GTY.
  10. We booked an inside guarantee for the 10 day Eastern Caribbean Holiday Sailing a week ago. The next day Princess assigned us a balcony M601. While it is nice to be upgraded from inside to balcony, we are not particularly thrilled because we have sailed in Regal's balcony before and loathed the tiny size of the balcony. It did not dawn on me until reading this thread that we are right underneath the area where Horizon Court and Horizon Bristol connected if my eyeballing on the deck plan is to be trusted. I hope because it is a little passage and not where the seats are located, we would not have the 3:30am noise issue when they are setting up the buffet seating?
  11. On our last trip (sailed from CPH for a TATL back to US) we stayed at Crown Plaza which while it is labeled as Airport Hotel, it is not near airport but a train or metro ride away. We found the hotel convenient (provided you are mobile) as the train / metro station is easy to walk to - from there it is a snap to go to town or to go to airport. We bought a 72 hrs City Pass at the airport when we arrived for our 3 days stay pre-cruise. The public transportation system is excellent. We ran out of things to do on our Day 3, decided to take the train to Hillerød / Frederiksborg Castle. We really enjoyed the day trip - the weather was perfect that day also added to a very pleasant experience when taking a lovely stroll along the lake shore. You can walk from the train station all the way to the castle. Or you can take the quaint shopping district detour before reaching the castle. We went via the shopping district on way out and took the lakeshore route on way back.
  12. Oh, that would be Great! Did you buy a 3 zone ticket that let you go all the way to the airport? I read about the convenient store only sells 2 zone ticket so for airport you need to buy 2x 2 zone ticket instead of 1x 3 zone ticket (cheaper of course). The only thing to be worried about is IF the bus driver does not take Euro then it would be too late for us to go buy the tickets at the store as the bus would not wait for us to do that, I would assume. And we would need to wait for the next bus thus waste 30 min.
  13. Thanks for the link. The only problem is, we will not have Krone on us. Unless the bus driver takes Euro, then we would not be able to buy tickets from him. The Citypass is no use to us as we fly out at 1pm. All we need is to get to the airport.
  14. Dear Danish Viking I would like to thank you for your efforts in maintaining this great thread over the years. Our last trip was a cruise started from Copenhagen. We stayed at Crowne Plaza and bought the transportation cards. It was very easy to use the train/bus combination to get to Oceankaj. Our upcoming trip will be on Zuiderdam that arrives at Copenhagen on May 5th ETA 7:00am. We have a flight to Gdnask, Poland, on SAS at 13:00pm. We have only 21" rollers so no problem to do the self-disembarkation. I am reasonably confident that we have enough time using public transportation again to get to the airport. Reading back several pages of the thread up to Sept of 2016, I could not find answers to some of the questions I have in mind. 1) How do you buy the transportation tickets at the port area? I remember vaguely there is a convenient store of some sort near the terminal. Is it the case? and we could buy the tickets? If we do not have the Danish Krone, would Euro or CC be accepted? Since Copenhagen is the disembarkation port for us, we would not have any Krone with us at the time we leave the ship. 2) The Bus 25, 26 and 27 always give me some confusion as which one to take. I checked the port schedule, there are 4 ships arrive on May 5th. Zuiderdam is the earliest at 7:00am. Viking at 8:30am. Then 2 other ships arrive much later. So I hope if we can get off early with light luggage, we should be able to get on the bus pretty easy - except I dont remember which bus number it should be, and whether the bus goes to Osterport or to another station, for the line change to the airport. Thank you again for keeping us all updated on the necessary logistic information.
  15. Thanks John for finding the info. My husband worries about the availability of taxi because of the short haul that taxi would not come to the cruise terminal for small fares. But if it is walkable within 25 min normal walk, then we can make sure to pad enough time just in case long long line for taxi we can just walk.
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