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  1. CA, TX and FL all see 4,000+ new cases on Friday. We are in high 80's and low 90's the last 4 weeks, as Summery as you can feel. Oh, let's not forget about AZ which also are spiking in new case number the past week... Yeah, Summer is here before it officially makes an announce "Hey, here I am, the Summertime!" Still need a diagnose?
  2. Whoever said that and whoever believed in that need to brush up their geographic knowledge that there are countries only 5 degrees from the equator, and are very hot year round, still are suffering from the SARS-COV-2... Anybody knows the country named Singapore?
  3. Well, with FL is shaping up to be the next epic center of the new wave of outbreaks, with over 3000 daily new cases reported the previous 2 days, my gut feeling is people can forget about sailing out of the FL ports thru the rest of the year unless the upsurging get suppressed. Note - the previous hot spots are SE FL but now the Central FL is quickly catching up, in a scary speed. True, DeSantis has been trying to defend this as the avg age of new cases are in the 30's almost across state except Dade where it is over 40, but the ICU bed capacity has gone from over 60% available in
  4. Some of you may remember I posted our cruise was booed with our Chase Ultimate Reward points (essentially a 33.33% discount on the $) thru the Loyalty Travel that handles banks travel award bookings with points. Princess said it released the refund on May 29, as many of you posed. Well the rep said it was sent on May 28, but posted on May 29. Called Loyalty Travel where the rep said there was no record showing they had received the refund but she would call Princess to check. She came back with the same info so she put a notation in our booking (they documented each
  5. Elliott has a good point. There is no reason to wait for the cruiseline taking their sweet time to return your own money.
  6. Good to know. Now some of us who should have seen our FCC / Refunds several weeks ago, finally get an indicator as to our accounts are being looked at. I did ask the Loyalty Travel agent which cruise lines have the most delayed refund process. She said you got one of the worst... They dont have the ability to dispute the payment as the card used to pay is a corporate card. So the only recourse is to keep waiting for Princess finally gets to us. If our refund is in anywhere near some of the posted figures I would write to the Princess CEO and CC all top honcho weeks ago, given
  7. Exactly. We have submitted ours on Mar 16 but of course have not seen the FCC as of last week when I finally called - being informed that "a step is missing in the process" by who processed the refund, hence nothing other than the FCD was processed, as I posted a few days earlier. Today I saw the 25% FCC finally shows up, with June 1st being the posting date - so a small progress, thanks to the customer relations rep's intervention. I will call Wed or Thur to inquire the actual $ refund. The travel agency has not seen the refund yet when I talked to an agent Saturda
  8. The Customer Relations tel is 661-753-0000 X44411. Need to listen to all the prompts to finish before you punch the extension. Else you would be thrown into a loop and may eventually be disconnected.
  9. If you dont mind the trouble you can file a claim at your state's Small Claims Court to sue Princess for them holding your money without providing a service. Each state has its own statue and regulation on how Small Claims Court works. You will need to do some research to see how your state's are and how to proceed. Besides, the email Princess sent on Mar 12 on its voluntarily suspend operation that covers your sailing period, would / should be a proof that the cruiseline canceled your cruise and not the government regulations to cancel. That came later.
  10. I dont think internally Princess still has many layers of staffs after their multiple layoffs over the last 2 to 3 months. Matter of fact they just released more staff a week or 2 weeks ago. I would imagine whoever still being there would be those who are more capable regardless what their titles might be. If you read my initial post with more attention, you would pick up the fact that the front line rep was trying to transfer me with profile attached, i.e, whoever picked up the transferred call would have our booking popped up on his/her screen - unfortunately nobody picked
  11. The guy is at Customer Relations, not the front line rep. He also can send emails to internal dept to request things to get done. Plus he told me to call at more optimal time when the financial dept people report to work (started their work days at home, 9am Western time), the Customer Relations side can direct conference with the financial dept folks and might get things resolved quicker.
  12. I am told by the Customer Relations rep on how the refund is processed when I asked why cruises behind ours in Mid to Late Apr, even the first week of May, have seen FCC / Refunds while our Apr11 still being "In Process". He explained to me the handling is by sailing, all independently. The more competent / more thorough employees would get things done correctly on first attempt, versus those who are less competent / less detailed minded counterparts. Also when mistakes were made, it meant start all over and therefore delayed the process. Obviously whoever is responsible handli
  13. He did not give the specifics but what you can do is to monitor the Scheduled to Reopen dates by Australia and New Zealand - because if the ports are not open for cruise ships, the cruises of course have to be canceled.
  14. Had I booked it with our own CC I would have disputed it weeks ago. Due to our unique situation I cannot dispute it because it is booked with Chase's loyalty travel dept's card. The Customer Relations rep realized the situation after I explained to him. He told me to just call Princess in 10 business days and asked straight forward , "where is my xxxxx refund?" as he fully agrees had Princess not paid the travel agency, the travel agency would not be able to refund me. There is no point to bug the travel agency while the source of information is Princess - when a refund is released. Unt
  15. Indeed. I have to be very assertive to finally get transferred to Customers Relationship, where I got a very helpful and very knowledgeable rep. He quickly saw the FCD was refunded - to that I said it showed up a week or more already but what about the remaining elements? He went into the account and then said, Ah, I see why the refund not being issued - there is one missing step not being done, and without that step, I cannot act further. He at first tried to explain what is missing, but then resorted to say "it is behind the scene step", assured me it was not caused by either me or t
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