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  1. 5087 is a great location. It's close to the glass elevators, buffet, pool, and ocean bar. You won't be disappointed.
  2. We were on the 28 day S.P. cruise last March and the Atrium bar was gone along with the stair case.
  3. Thank You Jim,,,,,I feel better now.
  4. If I book a cruise via a Princess Cruise Planner can I still control my booking, like make EZ Air reservations, or do I have to go thru the cruise planner?
  5. The discount will be applied to your "on board bill " as a credit. I think it is better to buy in advance for your choice to times. Enjoy.
  6. I agree they don't make it easy. In the mentioned "ELITE PACKAGE" I clicked on the photo, not the dark blue shopping cart box and a list of packages, liquors, wines appeared, including SBP.
  7. Just spent 4 weeks in a cat G partial obs. aft of the glass elevators. Will do it again this Dec. Room is quiet. Overhangs keep the sun off the large windows. The boats aft of the glass elevators are used for tendering and some days they are gone so there is a full view. For us,we chose the partially obs rooms just to be able to see the weather and sea state and to save some money. Be advised though that there are some staff working and cleaning the tenders so if that is an issue there are 2 layers of drapes. Some other observations: TV is 40", Temps in the frig (cooler) was 51'3* and the coolest the room got was 59*. ,
  8. We will be on that very cruise. We've done this itinerary for more than 10 years on the Eurodam or Nieuw Amsterdam. Things we like are the fact N.A. has two more elevators than K Dam & N.S....Also the N.A. has the wide Promenade deck with the loungers, not found on the K Dan & N.S. We never get bored with the stops. Always find something new to do. Ships are all decorated for the holidays. I believe the N.A. has had a recent drydock and should be up to date. I'm sure they will have a grand time on any of the ships but my vote for us 70 folk go to the Nieuw Amsterdam.
  9. I'm of the notion to "leave a sleeping dog lie". It is a great upgrade and the cabin stew will do all the moving. Enjoy....
  10. Try...............http://ports.cruisett.com/schedule/Bahamas/265-Half_Moon_Cay/January_2019/
  11. Happy New Year and thank you for taking us along. Great pix and maps. If you happen to be in the casino sometime, would you see if there is a crap table. I've heard rumors.........Also, does it still open at 9pm. 66 days and counting.
  12. I'd stay put. I love the sound and view. Plus with the money saved you could do the UBB and UBD twice.
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