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  1. jensambo

    Just off the Pride

    Has anyone tried to get the 50% off. I was told by carnival it is only 25% off. I don't have the letter we got that says it is 50% off. I know I am not wrong.
  2. jensambo

    Just off the Pride

    The bartender told me that they were not given permission to dock in Canada. I don't know if this is true, but that is what he said.
  3. jensambo

    Hurricane Threat

    Same here. Waiting to see where we are going so I know what to pack.
  4. jensambo

    Christmas on the pride

    I was on the Pride last Christmas. There was carols in the atrium with an ugly sweater competition. There was Christmas show in the big theater. Christmas dinner was a formal night. There wasn't many decorations.
  5. I had the salad for lunch everyday. I had blue cheese dressing. I remember seeing at least six choices.
  6. jensambo

    Pride Room Selection

    We had cabin 8241 in December. No noise or vibration there.
  7. jensambo

    how to carry on sodas

    In Baltimore we took ours in a small rolling suitcase. They opened the soda carton, inspected the sodas and taped it back together.
  8. jensambo

    Carnival Pride...heat on board?

    Yes, I sailed on Pride in December. There was heat. Is was chilly in the casino and the big theater. Pack a sweater.
  9. jensambo

    Bathrobes in cabins

    I requested robes for our cabin on the Pride. Never got them.
  10. jensambo

    Casino holding my money

    On my last night on the Miracle I forgot to cash out. I was asleep and they called the room to tell us that I had $300 in the bank and then they let my husband cash out for me.
  11. jensambo

    Beer Cooler deal?

    I saw the coolers on the Enchantment last week. I didn't buy one. I am a wine drinker.
  12. jensambo

    Confirm - Travel Irons

    [quote name='Gtxdi2']Are curling irons acceptable on board?[/QUOTE] Yes.
  13. jensambo

    On CNN

    We felt it here in Manassas, Va I lost two picture frames and my kitchen light blew and I can't get it back on. I replaced the bulbs but it still doesn't work. I saw sparks coming out of it when the earthquake hit.
  14. I have only been on one cruise with my husband and the rest were without him. He feels that it is too expensive for the whole family to cruise. So once a year I go with the girls from my work. If I didn't do this I would never be able to cruise at all.
  15. jensambo

    are you one of these people?

    I wear my bathing suit under my clothes. I don't do the buffet when I first get on because it is too crowded. I only cruise once a year and on a 5 day cruise, I need to make every minute count.