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  1. Hi Sue - how was this cabin? we are looking at it for an anniversary cruise but wondered about adjoining noise.
  2. i did lots of research prior to booking the Horizon. Horizon is a much larger and new ship and since having teens going, thought it was the best choice . I also didn't want to fly to PR in December . I will get back to St Thomas, etc some day - so much to see in that part of the Caribbean.
  3. Just wondered if anyone had any up to date information on Club 18/20? My daughter aged out of the teen program and hasn't much enjoyed the last few trips as it's hard for her to find tweens to hand out with. We offered to take a friend but no takers at this time. Happened upon the Club 18/20 and some old information and just wondered if anyone 18-20 year olds had success finding kids to hang with.
  4. I know somewhere on here I have seen a list of Carnivals CD and entertainment staff assignments - but I cannot locate it. Does anyone have a link? Looking to see where Ken will be in December of 2020
  5. Thank you - will check it out - we did look into the Avis rent a car but it said it was sold out 😞
  6. Hi All - Please forgive if this is addressed somewhere (I looked) but we are on the Royal 5/30 Northbound. We are flying into Seattle for a couple days prior as we have friends in the area and taking the Cascades train to Vancouver the day prior to embarkation. We cruise, then wanting to take the train from Whittier to Anchorage. Am I mistaken that this exists? I believe we did Anchorage to Seward train when we did Alaska on Carnival MANY years ago but when we booked our transfer from ship to airport it is talking about buses. Clearly the train would be much more fun. Would appreciate input 🙂
  7. very interesting they have this posted this way as the picture below is right off my online reservation and shows no deviation! Ugh. Well - it does still transit part of the inside passage by looking at your posting - just not inside of vancouver island which would be alot of cruising at night - am I wrong? I am still looking forward to it but questioning my choice of ship as our last 2 trips have been magical - hoping nothing get canceled.
  8. We are in E407 in May for Alaska - do you have pics??
  9. She's a dancer I believe in the show?
  10. hhmm - thanks for the info -looks like it will change before Alaska....................
  11. Ha - love hearing all the Sitmar names!!! Absolutely showing my age - however - I can attest I was a teenager when cruising on the Fairwind, Fairsea and the eventual Fairsky before moving to RCCL and Sitmar being purchased by Princess. I am returning to Princess for the first time in May - excited to return but wow - this thread has brought back some memories!
  12. Please do not shoot me for starting this thread, however, I have searched and searched and cannot locate who the new Cruise Director is on the Royal Princess? I understand Matt is now on the Island Princess so thought I would do some scouting................anyone know whom it might be? I have heard there are threads that list Captain and CD names for the different lines/ships but have not been able to locate................who knows - maybe I am daft today!
  13. I began cruising as a teen back in the mid 80's. Sitmar was the first line we cruised with (later purchased by Princess). EVERY night was a dress up night with 1 formal night for each of the 7 days you were on the itinerary. Ladies wore dresses or nice pant suites on non-formal nights - gentlemen wore slacks and collared shirts and sometimes even a sport coat. On formal nights there were many tuxedos and the ladies were all in cocktail type dresses. It was just done! But back then kids cleaned their rooms, listened to their parents and did their homework - LOL. We cruise different lines so are not necessarily favoring one or the other. Carnival is definitely less formal - we did a specialty restaurant one time and the family sitting next to us was in shorts and shower shoes. While we might not dress to the 9's every night of our cruise, we aren't going to the MDR in shorts, but that is just our choice. Its a treat to go on a cruise, have a nice meal served by great staff members and feel special. It's one week to step out of your normal life. You don't have to dress in Cartier or Ralph Lauren, just a simple plain black dress even. Again, just my opinion. Everyone is free to do as they please, just as my family will continue to dress for dinner 🙂
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