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  1. Thanks so much newfirsttimer for all the information. Good to know we will debark from Avignon. We're looking forward to the itinerary very much.
  2. Thanks so much! We're looking forward to using this new option....
  3. Hi, I'm one of the happy ones who has enjoyed a Scenic river cruise before -Jewels of Europe. Our second one will be the 14 day South of France booked for next October. Hoping some who've been on that itinerary can answer a few questions...... how early the TGV train leaves Paris for Dijon on day two? We're trying to consider if there is time for some more Paris sightseeing that day, or are we gone? if applicable, did they enjoy using the new Tailormade GPS? post cruise, we will be doing a week in Belgium, and although Scenic suggests that Nice is a better airport, our cruise debarks on a Saturday, and after 3 p.m. (their suggested flight time) Saturdays, it appears that there are not many flights or trains going north that would leave us time to get to our final destination in one day. So we'd like to save time by doing our own transfer from Tarascon into Avignon for a train earlier in the day, or Marseilles for an earlier flight choice. Has anyone done similar transfers from Tarascon, and if so, how did it work out? Many thanks in advance!
  4. condomama

    Questions for Scenic Cruisers

    Hi, Can only answer to Portobellos. So that everyone who wants to, gets a chance to eat in the special area set aside in the upstairs lounge for intimate evening dining, staff control the bookings until everyone has had a chance to dine at least twice during the 14 day trip. We thoroughly enjoyed both and were satisfied. Everyone gets a chance to book once they are on board, or as per your sailing booklet instructions. Hope that helps a little, and that others will answer your other questions. You will love the cruise!
  5. condomama

    Slow Walker Group for Shore Excursions

    We just returned from Scenic Tours Jewels of Europe cruise, and they offered this service as well. Slow walking groups were available from the ship as warranted, but also caring staff to assist those with mobillity issues on/off the boat at any time. Having said that, our various walking groups always seemed to catch up or cross paths with one another as most of the towns were small. While the audio ear piece allows you to saunter at your own pace, one guide we had in Bratslava old town cautioned us to still pay attention to where he was going, as he might round a corner and disappear on us. No two-way communication if you lose your guide!
  6. condomama

    jacket and tie on Scenic Tours

    Hi, & thanks, we're going in 3 weeks. Based on the mix of replies today, my husband will probably stick with his first 'gut instinct' - blazer & pants, shirt - open neck & use the tie if the evening warrants....it's the good shoes that take up so much room and weight. We get off a little luckier with the great fabrics available to women nowadays, don't we?
  7. condomama

    jacket and tie on Scenic Tours

    Hello fellow cruisers, wondering if men need a jacket and tie specifically for the captain's dinners on Scenic spaceships? We're fine dressing casual or 'casually smart' most nights, but Scenic's video sets the stage as being fairly formal on the special evenings. With baggage weight restrictions these days, my husband would be happy to leave these at home if he could...but he doesn't want to feel out of place, either. Thanks.
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    Hello, We're leaving Jan. 6 on Princess Coral. From Puerto Quetzal, we're trying to decide whether to enjoy a lazy few hours at the resort getaway at Monterrico or take a busier excursion to the Filadelphia Coffee estate Thanks for the advice. :confused:
  9. condomama

    Huatulco and Guatemala shore tours

    We are on a Panama cruise on Princess Coral in January, hoping to mix a few "educational" shore excursions with some relaxing fun off the ship. Has anyone done a shore excursion to Las Brisas hotel in Huatulco? Is it worthwhile for snorkeling? Or, has anyone enjoyed a beach day at the Cayman Suites in Monterrico, Guatemala? So far we've reserved Best of Cartegena, Scarlet Macaw and Mangrove Boat tour (Costa Rica), and Colonial Granada (Nicaragua). Thanks for your help.