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  1. Yo- Back with more stuff- Kinda surprised at the lack of posts - even though there have been 230 views of the thread - oh well- The shore excursions were wonderfully conducted with very competent guides - new and clean buses with exceptionally competent drivers - at every stop we made- As mentioned earlier - there were several optional excursions in the afternoons and one evening at the concert- Another highlight was a lunch on a country farm with the family hosting a bus full of us at an excellent buffet lunch with wine and some kinda local white lightenin' - in any event - it was a joyful tour and not to be missed- More later - if I have some encouragement to continue to post-eh!! Happy Cruisin' Mike
  2. Yo- I have posted a mini review in another thread in this section - encourage you to read it as it may be the only one out there-eh!! :rolleyes: Happy Cruisin' Mike
  3. bigmike7

    River Cruises?

    Yo- We just got back from a wonderful river cruise (our first) from Vienna to Bucharest on the m/s Kleine Prinz booked thru smarTours- This is a very comfortable/casual way to cruise and explore the cities that we stopped at along the way - with most excursions included in the cruise fare. The food was good and wholesome but definitely not "Ocean Cruise Ship Gourmet" All in all - we and many others felt that we got much more than we paid for and I would recommend this ship and style of cruise to anyone-eh!!! (I have a review in this section "m/s Kleine Prinz Danube Cruise" if you are interested in an expanded look) Happy Cruisin' Mike
  4. bigmike7

    Danube Discovery Cruise on MS Little Prince

    Yo- Back from the Vienna to Bucharest SmarTours cruise on the m/s Kleiner Prinz - and it was GREAT!!!! For those that didn't go because of the Serbia problems - there was ABSOLUTELY nothing to suggest that there was any problems whilst we were in Serbia - and a great time was had by all-eh!!! I posted a review in another thread in this section that you may want to read if you are interested - bottom line - probably the best vacation we have ever had - period!!!! Happy Cruisin' Mike
  5. Yo- Here is another attempt to continue this review- (site keeps bouncing me off) The dress aboard is definitely casual - morning - non and night. Suggest dressing in layers - as the mornings and nights can tend to be chilly on the water. The passengers were an interesting lot - with the mean age being about 65-70 and mostly American - for this voyage - apparently they have groups of different nationalities that participate from all over the world - but mainly American - Danish - German and French. All in all - we felt - as did numerous others - that we received more than our moneys worth - which makes it even a sweeter tasting vacation-eh!! Happy Cruisin' Mike
  6. Yo- Sorry to be doing this review in chunks - but this site blows big time- (I have written this review twice and the site has timed me out twice - erasing all my work) I like many others were unable to find any information/reviews for this great little riverboat - so here goes- First off - this is a GREAT value for the money spent vs. the "Name Brands" out there. The ship is very clean, comfortable and well managed and run with a competent and friendly crew of 25 - mostly Romanians - that take exceptional care of the 90 passengers (we had 79 on our cruise). The food is European and very good - NOT gourmet - but very good and filling and service with a smile. Breakfast is buffet style. Lunch is buffet style for salads and the main course is served. Dinner is a fully served meal - usually with two choices of entry. The cabins are clean and large (172 sq ft) for a European riverboat - all cabins are the same size and I suggest getting the lowest category you can get at the time of booking. The cabin is individually air conditioned - there is a TV that is hooked to satellite - and has mostly German stations with the occasional CNN feed in English (which is strange - since 99% of the passengers were English speaking). The soundproofing in the cabins is very good - only complaint heard was of a fellow passenger that took very early morning walks 'heavy footed' on the open deck above the so-called 'premium' cabins - (we all nicknamed him 'Bouncy Boy' - for a number of reasons - all bad) The bar was very clean and modestly priced with beer being 2 euro wine by the glass at 3 euro and mixed drinks 4-5 euro. Bottles of local red or white wine were 10-12 euro. You could buy wine on shore for 3-10 euro and consume it in your cabin. Your cruise fare includes most shore excursions with occasional afternoon or evening excursions optional. The optional concert in Vienna is not to be missed. the tour guides/cruise directors were Dusan Kuljic (Senior) and Nikola Grujin (Assistant) both very competent - warm - friendly and accomodating to the individual passengers needs. Happy Cruisin' Mike (Next installment later)
  7. Yo- Since there is not a cruise line nor ship area for this ship in the member review area - I'll post it here for now- I - like many others - were unable to find any information/reviews for this great little ship - so here goes.
  8. bigmike7

    Danube Discovery Cruise on MS Little Prince

    Yo All- Just got our tickets and are getting ready to leave next week- Let's have some REAL adventure on this one - I'll write a review when we get back-eh!! Happy Cruisin' Mike (btw - looked up Serbia on google - all is quiet now - glad that we hung in there)
  9. bigmike7

    Danube Discovery Cruise on MS Little Prince

    Yo John and Shirley- Happy to see others on this cruise - will look forward to meeting you- Think that Smartours is the only booking agent in USA (may be wrong - but - have never seen it listed with anyone else)-eh! Just made final payment- Happy cruisin' Mike (and Joan = DW)
  10. bigmike7

    Danube Discovery Cruise on MS Little Prince

    Yo- We are on the June 5th sailing with the Draculas Castle add on at the end of the cruise. My exploring found a little information on the "Kline Prinz" such as the cabins are 172 square feet with a big window which puts the cabins at about 50% bigger than most others and the owners site rates the ship as four stars.. Have yet to find a review from someone that actually has taken a river cruise on this ship - so it will be pure adventure and faith - then I will write a review when we come back. If I find anything more - I will post it in this thread. Happy Cruisin' Mike
  11. bigmike7

    military rate question

    Yo- We recently got off the Carnival 'Spirit' 12 day Hawaii cruise- Our Military Rate started at $1021 + tax ($79.45) - for a 5A outside obstructed with the french doors on deck 4 - and eventually got down to $649 + same tax- So - the answer is 'yes' and be sure to have a good cruise t/a that works well with Carnival (vtg) and you will reap the rewards that are there for the taking-eh!! Happy Cruisin' Mike
  12. bigmike7

    Average age on MSC

    Yo Andy- We have been on the 'Lirica' twice (see below) and my guess would be closer to mid 50's as an average not 70-eh!! Happy Cruisin' Mike
  13. bigmike7

    Never again, Opera 4/1/07

    Yo- Would agree with the estimate of 50's being the median age of our two 'Lirica' cruises-eh!! Happy Cruisin' Mike
  14. bigmike7

    What money to use on islands?

    Yo- Been to the Caribbean four times and are going again 05/12/2007 and have always been able to use good old US $'s -eh! Happy Cruisin' Mike
  15. bigmike7

    my version of the Opera 4/1

    Yo- Good objective review of a cruise you enjoyed- Thank you-eh!:)