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  1. Since Dexter extended his vacation can you tell me who are the concierges in the suite lounge since we will be getting on when you depart? Thanks
  2. When it happened to us a few years back they bused us back up to Port Canaveral. The issue was the channel needed to cleared and verified for depth before they would let the cruise ship into port.
  3. Just out of curiosity how much are they charging for the 4 day cruise?
  4. I feel very sorry for those that were affected by the hurricane and I can understand their disappointment and hassle of revising their vacation plans. I actually feel a little guilty because we have three more cruises planned before the end of the year so I will take the four day cruise and just book another one to take it's place and not really be impacted that much. While we would love to be on one of the extended cruises our neighbors are on the Allure and their business and home situation is being impacted by not being there since they only had coverage for one week. Hopefully it will work out for everyone both those impacted by extended and shortened cruises.
  5. The only reason I posted now was it took effect yesterday and to remind people who may have forgotten the effective date or didn't see the original announcement.
  6. According to an Email I received RCCL will no longer be offering OBC as an enducement for customers to book a cruise with them. Here is part of the FAQ that was included. Why was the decision made to remove the onboard credit for bookings made on-or-after November 1st, 2018? Over the past year, we regularly monitored booking analytics and conducted research which identified that the onboard credit was not influencing the consumer's buying decision. Based on these findings, the decision was made to sunset the onboard credit and to ensure that the non-refundable deposit program continues to offer the lowest pricing. This change will take effect for all new bookings made on-or-after November 1st, 2018. Just posting this in case anyone was currious why the OBC went away yesterday on the RCCL website. TA OBC is still available if they choose to offer it.
  7. One more thing sometimes the TA OBC does not show up for a day or two into the cruise so don't be concerned if you don't see it when you board.
  8. Yes the dinner scenes were in the Coastal Kitchen. We were on that cruise when the movie was being filmed and they used 150 in place of the suite lounge for suite guests when they were filming. Definitely not the same experience since we really like the Coastal Kitchen and lounge.
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