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  1. We usually do not eat in the main dining room on most cruises except for lunches on sea days. We like just having a lite snack or pizza on the balcony with a few drinks for dinner. Many times it's central park cafe for breakfast and lunch.
  2. I apologize for being insensitive to the financial environment and the struggles some families are dealing with due to Covid. I was trying to show that cruising is a great value compared to other vacation options. We live in Florida and to see what it costs for a family of 4 to go to one of the theme parks for a day amazes me. If it wasn't for the double points and my wife's desire to get to pinnacle I would not have booked so many at once. But of course we love cruising and it is still a great value. Plus as other posters have said you can't take it with you and you only live onc
  3. Yes that us why we booked so many to hit Pinnacle next year which is my wife's ambition.
  4. Actually it was not that expensive with all the sales going on. I booked 11 7 day, 3 5 day and 2 6 day cruises for a total of $23.686 plus I received $2,350 in OBC. They were all balcony cabins so I received the C&A balcony discount. I believe cruising is the best vacation value out there by far.
  5. After watching all the news reports and having a gut feel that cruising will finally restart I decided it was time to start booking cruises again after having 11 cruises canceled due to Covid. Most of them I lifted and shifted but a few of them because I didn't keep up I received the 125% certificates. I called my travel agent and booked 16 cruises over the next 12 months starting in September not including the lifted and shifted cruises. Is anybody else starting to book cruises for the next year beacuse feel that they will really go?
  6. If the Nov 2nd cruise goes as planned what will they do for the 7 days before the Nov 13th sailing if they do not open bookings?
  7. Does anyone know if Royal now plans on opening bookings for Mariner of the Seas departing Nov 6th & 9th 2020?
  8. We sail in three weeks on the Allure of the Seas transatlantic and have two cabins to choose from 14144 or 11144 both are being held for me for 1 day. The trade off is deck 14 may have chair noise in the morning from the pool deck above and cabin 11144 is an adjoining cabin with the door that is not as sound proof as a wall. They are the only two that meet my ship location criteria - port side in the front for shade and wave noise. Any recommendations on which cabin to select would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Not always true that all agencies have the same price some agencies create group bookings by buying a block of cabins then offering the cabins at a lower rate. When I book with an agency that has a group booking available for the ship and cabin I am looking for it usually saves me about $300 pp.
  10. Thank you that is exactly what I was looking for now I can go ahead and book a forward cabin understanding the view limitations.
  11. Looking at a photo of the ship there are no life boats that far forward but there appears to be some kind of platform there.
  12. Has anyone stayed in cabins 7516 to 7532 on the Ovation of the Seas and have photos or a description of what the obstruction looks like? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Since Dexter extended his vacation can you tell me who are the concierges in the suite lounge since we will be getting on when you depart? Thanks
  14. When it happened to us a few years back they bused us back up to Port Canaveral. The issue was the channel needed to cleared and verified for depth before they would let the cruise ship into port.
  15. Just out of curiosity how much are they charging for the 4 day cruise?
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