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  1. Having been to Alaska five times my personal opinion would be if you are able to do it, do it now. There is nothing like having the balcony in Alaska, your own personal place to enjoy the scene that unfolds before you every day!
  2. If you will look at the Volendam deck plan the Lido deck is above the Neptune Suites. Probably you will hear some noise no matter where you are. Maybe less with suites located more aft.
  3. They were in the Neptune Lounge in April, quite good! Enjoy the "O" beautiful ship!
  4. In April we were waiting to board the O in FLL while some travel agents were touring and having lunch. Most people were getting very impatient, as the agents were taken onboard 3-4 at a time and they were very slow. It really made some folks upset when the last group were finally escorted on and one HAL rep turned around and told us to help ourselves to the leftover coffee and other drinks. We had been sitting there for quite a while without even the offer of water. Not a good way to greet passengers in pinnacle and NS, or 4 & 5* passengers.
  5. martincath, I was hoping you would chime in! Thanks so much, we will be flying fc, so hope there is a line for us to use. Sometimes it helps to save all those points! Thanks
  6. We have a 7am flight from YVR the day after our cruise. Can someone give me a good time to arrive at the airport? Will be coming from downtown by taxi. Thanks
  7. You were very fortunate, we just did the same thing. HAL emailed us a form, we filled it out, our TA had the booking in 24 hours. Not difficult, just not as easy as it used to be.
  8. We have cruised to Alaska five times and totally agree with Krazy Kruisers! The small ship cruising on the weekend is the way to go. There is nothing worse than Juneau with six ships in port!
  9. Hlitner, agree with everything you said. After years of nothing but HAL we sailed with another line for a while. Then returned to HAL for a 17 day on "O". Have decided unless it is a very , and we mean a very very, special itinerary, we will not return. They have taken away most of what made it special! We Were in NS, and for example, most every towel in our cabin was either torn or threadbare. The crew was great, but they can only do so much. Not worth what you have to pay. Definitely not the HAL we were used to!
  10. It was Capt. Willems (sp) when we disembarked in 4/30.
  11. Doone, Welcome home, glad you had a good time. Now back to reality!😁 Barbara
  12. I certainly understand! But then think of how fast time will pass on the ship. Happy sailing to you and your family! Barbara
  13. April, seems like "forever" right now!
  14. Have a great trip! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. Smooth sailing and sunny days!
  15. So sorry, it was such a great to meet you and your Dad. Hope you have a wonderful trip with your family and what a great thing to do, sail in their honor. They will be with you in spirit! happy sailing!
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