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  1. And we served meals with drinks to full airplanes on flights lasting less than an hour! Times have sure changed, not always for the good.
  2. Thanks for the daily Rich and Roy and for the prayers. Have found you don't "fight" Alzheimer's you learn to just "roll" with it or it will roll over you! Here in N.E. Texas we have had some unusual critters this year with the added rain and cooler than normal weather. The spiders are HUGE and all of them want to join us in the house. Exterminator tells me he could work 7 days a week and still not catch up. have a happy day all! Barbara
  3. Rich & Roy, As a former AA flight attendant (stewardess then) I lost part of my "family" on 9/11. In fact , I once flew with two of the people who died that day. As we watched in horror, and remember today, please remember the family they left behind. And the flight attendants that serve you when you fly again are not there just to bring you that wine, but to get you out of that aircraft if necessary and to keep you safe. Barbara
  4. Father, prayers for your fast recovery! Barbara
  5. Father, They were still there last summer when we were in Skagway. I have pictures somewhere! Barbara
  6. Thanks Rich, He has no interest in driving and we would be very afraid for him to be behind the wheel. Better for the world if he just rides from now on!I Barbara
  7. Thanks again for the daily and for the prayers. They are working, we had to go to our local DPS to get new drivers pics yesterday and DH was told he could only get a Texas ID. He could not pass the eye exam. I had anticipated this and thought he might be very upset but he took it well and told them he was tired of driving anyway. I worried all night for nothing! Thanks too for the recipe, will make that soon. Barbara
  8. Roy, we are in NE Texas. Expect 3-8 inches of rain and 50 mph winds tomorrow. All plants and bird feeders are in and now we wait. If the storm moves just a bit West or east it can make a big difference. But I am a native Texan and very accustomed to storms! Barbara
  9. Roy, Thanks for including us in your prayers, we certainly need them! We try to keep our sense of humor, it can be a very funny disease if you like to go hunting daily for things. I could also use a cabin steward about now!
  10. Time for me to thank Rich and all who post every day. Have been lurking since the beginning, but just now have the time to post. We have been cruising since 1973 but will not return. DH is now in the late stages of Alzheimer's and it would be dangerous for us to travel virus or no virus. He loved it, and we did manage two last year, Oosterdam and Volendam, but it was obvious he could no longer cope. Thanks to all of you, the pictures keep the memories alive for both of us daily! Happy cruising and stay safe! Barbara
  11. Absolutely beautiful! The ability to see the earth from the air is one of the reasons I started flying for a living, peaceful and beautiful.
  12. I do not think there is a answer to the question that fits everyone. This is where personal responsibility comes to the front. We finally had to make the decision to stop cruising late last year. DH has Alzheimer's and our last trip was very difficult not only for him, but for me. Up until then all was well despite his problem, but finally the problem reached the point that the flight, hotel, and cruise was just too much. So, after over forty cruises and traveling all over the world, we will stay home and remember (as well as we can) our wonderful trips. I am still quite capable of traveling
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