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  1. Japans current restrictions are due to expire on 1/31. I’m guessing once they renew or update that we will know our fate for April. It’s unfortunate to have to wait a few more weeks but again that’s my guess based upon what I’m reading online.
  2. I'm on one of the April cruises out of Tokyo. I doubt we will sail but I asked RCI via FB messenger tonight and was told that all Quantum sailings are excluded from the suspension and we'd still be sailing. Like I said I have my doubts.
  3. Has anyone been able to find a list of the sailings with this offering? I've been on the HA site and couldn't locate it. I have a few sailings I was interested in and if we can take our in-laws that would be perfect. I tried doing a dummy booking for one and didn't see it as an offering while progressing through the screens. I wonder if that would be the only way to tell. Edit - I googled and found on a TA site. 😊
  4. you may want to call and speak to someone else. We booked quantum for the 4/5/21 sailing the other day and when I called yesterday to apply my FCC I asked about this and was told that it wouldn’t apply since we are sailing from Tokyo not HK or China. We are in a GS but I asked anyway because we had originally planned to book a JS however the rate for the GS was too good to pass up. are you on the 4/5 or 4/15 sailing?
  5. When I researched last years deployment I don’t think the rest of them were released until April or so. Someone correct me if I am wrong.
  6. Conversely we did a med cruise in 2018 from end of October to mid November and it was almost 80 in Naples. Way above the average and what we were expecting so it can be a total crap shoot. I will say shoulder season is the best time to go; crowds are smaller and the lower temps make all the walking and hustle not overly exhausting.
  7. I literally looked this up 10 minutes ago for myself and it looks like it was April of this year for 2021 so I’d assume the same for 2022.
  8. Looks like he’s a week late with his full moon 😂 But in all seriousness what a sight. Poor guy however my inner teenager would have to stifle a giggle.
  9. This may or may not be helpful as we’ve not been on Equinox but when we sailed Eclipse we had drinks at the martini bar every night with the classic package and never ordered a martini- for 12 nights. I see where you’d be angered by what you’ve heard but wanted to hopefully offer comfort in that was NOT the case on another ship. Edited to add that I drank other vodka drinks with Tito’s at the martini bar with no upcharge or issue.
  10. Hi all- i did a quick search and came up with posts about wedding proposals so I figured I’d ask the CC hive. We just received a message from the engagement team at Celebrity regarding our cruise in 11 months. I booked this last November so it isn’t a new booking. She basically just welcomed us aboard and asked us to call her if we need anything. I’ve received called from cruise planners at Celebrity before and the messages were much different unless they’ve changed their titles? Also so for reference we are not in a suite and while we have cruised RC many times this is
  11. Has anyone been able to determine which ships would possibly sail Norway/Baltics in 2021? I tried sleuthing some port schedules but came up with nothing. I’m guessing it would be Radiance class but also curious if some of the itineraries will change a bit. I’m eyeing the 13 night Ultimate Scandinavia but hoping for more than 1 Arctic Circle cruise (just Norway).
  12. I was to sail Harmony and got my credit within 4 days. One of my employees was to sail on Allure and he is still waiting. He booked through a TA and I booked direct if that makes any difference.
  13. We didn’t book this one but for reference we booked a 12 night British Isles cruise in Aug 2020 on Reflection the day it was released last December. Since then our Aqua room has gone up almost $4k total. Conversely we did a 12 night Med cruise last year on Eclipse and got about 10 price drops and saved about $3k. The Northern Europe cruises definitely command higher pricing for the most part in my opinion.
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