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  1. Well, I posted that several days ago and was addressing folks who changed their flights to Tokyo from Shangahi due to the itinerary change. But, a lot has changed since I posted that. HAL cancelled the Feb. 15th cruise (which I was booked on). And Japan and several other countries turned away the Westerdam on the cruise which left Hong Kong on Feb. 1. The people on the Westerdam now were supposed to fly back from Tokyo---but it sure looks like they won't be able to do that, as Japan won't let the Westerdam dock. I did also see a posting yesterday or the day before on the HAL blog that said
  2. I don't think I have seen this mentioned in this forum. It seems HAL has changed one aspect. I note this posting which says it was updated yesterday which will reimburse up to $250 per person for flight changes as a result in the change in embark/debark ports: For guests who sail and are required to modify their flights as a result of a change to embark/debark port we will cover up to $250 per person in airline change fees for carriers who are charging fees. This excludes fare differences. Proof should be sent to the following address and compensation will be issued in the form o
  3. If we were only going to lose 50% of our fare, that would be great. According to HAL, we would lose 100% of our fare but would get the taxes back. HAL is not offering cancellation with a refund--at least as of my telephone call with a "specialist" yesterday 4:45 p.m. PST. (Unfortunately, this is the first cruise we have ever booked that we don't have insurance....) We are booked on the 15th -29th segment. What HAL is offering (by phone call, not by email) is to allow people to re-book to a different cruise (even much further out date-wise), but if you got a great deal on this
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