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  1. Folks, Captain just updated us that we are awaiting update from CDC. Holding pattern continues. Captain Stringer has been communicating frequently but at this moment, we just don't know. Princess is putting those with Princess ez air up in a hotel tonight and rebooking air, which is about 700 passengers...provided we can dock.
  2. The Coral Princess was my favorite because it felt so uncrowded. Don’t know how it feels today. The Diamond Princess is another I enjoyed for a 15 day cruise. I think the enclosed pool helped spread people around. That feature was really needed for the Greenland cruise. There was a laundry delay on the Pacific Princess...too many Elites. We are not at that level yet, but I think we’ll continue to do our own laundry if we get there. Other ships encounter similar issues based on weather, demographics and ports. I guess I’m saying that while there are things about the ship that need improv
  3. Hank, we were also on this cruise. We really enjoyed every port in Greenland. We had tender issues in Qaqortoq after lunch, but when we went ashore in the morning there was no lines, no numbers. We just hopped on the tender and off we went. We came back to the ship for lunch and took a tender number at 12:10. We did not reach the shore until 2:20...that was exactly when our tour was meeting, so we were lucky to make the tour. We only waited 20 minutes in the morning for the tender to Nanortalik. We did not have long waits for the return tenders in either port, but we were late in the da
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