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  1. Frequent Princess cruiser trying NCL for the first time. Dining at speciality restaurants every night of the 7 day cruise. My question is: what’s the dress code? Are jeans acceptable with a dressier too? Resort casual at all restaurants? Thanks. 

  2. When we were at Magen's Bay last year (Jan. 2016) it was not crowded at all. We took about a 20minute cab ride there for $10 each (and again on way back) and that was all we spent. I had always read/heard that Magen's Bay was one of the "Top 10 Beaches of the World!" and wanted to go there. Now, I haven't been all over the world, but it was beautiful and I am glad we went. The view was so pretty, water was warm and a gorgeous color, you could walk all along the beach, the snorkeling wasn't the greatest but saw the odd fish (more toward the Left when looking at beach), there were iguanas at one of the picnic tables posing for pictures for us. There is also a little Nature Trail you can go for a walk on, if that interests you. Everyone has their own opinions about different beaches, but just thought I would let you know how much we enjoyed Magen's Bay. I have recently read some reviews that Sapphire is not the greatest, especially if windy, but did hear Lindquist was top-rated as well. We are going back next year and are thinking of going to Coki Beach, even though we have always heard it is more crowded/touristy there, as it is supposed to have better snorkeling and more things to do, which may be better as this time we are traveling with friends.

    Sitting here looking at the snow in my backyard, I would take any beach! Best Escape Anyone Can Have! :)


    Thanks for the info!

  3. We usually go to St. John when we stop in St. Thomas, but our ship sails at 4 PM and we don't want to be under that kind of pressure to get back. I always read that you should avoid Magen's Bay because it's so crowded. However, we're the only ship in port the day we're there. Would it be reasonable to expect that it won't be so jam packed? Almost everything I read about MB says it's always crowded, but I'm guessing that's because there's almost always 5-8 ships in port at once.


    Also, how far is it from the cruise port (not sure which dock we'll be at)?

  4. We have been going to Lobster Alive and renting umbrellas and chairs for about 10 years. Truly relaxing.


    There drinks are reasonable. The view of the bay affords a view of the ship. The clouds gather in the afternoon, and it is a beautiful show of color. There is a gentle breeze that keeps you comfortable.


    The owner makes the best most traditional rum punch you will ever drink. If you bring her a favorite recipie, she will tell you how to make the punch if she's not too busy.


    Besides the bar, you may also use their bathroom.


    We are a couple in our mid fifties, and we are looking forward to going there in the fall.


    Have a good cruise!




    I read on the Pescado Amarillo blog just a few weeks ago that the manager with the rum punch is gone and she took her recipe with her. Jeannie said it just wasn't the same experience without her there.

  5. Here is the first batch of Royal patters for Oct 27 - Nov 6, 2016. (eastern)




    I'll post the ones from Nov 6th to 16th (southern) and Nov 16th to 26th (eastern) soon.

    There are not many changes in activities - only port itinerary and time differences in the Nov 6th to 16th trip which was also an eastern trip.


    Awesome! Thanks floridalover5623!

  6. Has anyone done the Bajari Beach Break excursion? Looks like a beautiful beach, but I'm wondering if it's the same difference as hanging at the beach right at the port. We're on the Royal Princess along with 2 small ships in port that day, so I was thinking Bajari could be a way to get away from the crowds.


    Thoughts from anyone that's been to Bajari? Is it worth the expense and travel to break away from the crowds? Or should we just stick to the port area and keep it simple? The Princess excursion if only $30 as it doesn't include food or drinks.

  7. I researched car rentals - super cheap to rent a compact car for the day to pick up near the port and return it at FLL airport. I think I might go with that option - it's actually cheaper than paying the fee for EZ check in for our 3 bags, and this way I don't have to give up my bags the night before or lug around a bunch of junk in a beach bag all day.


    Thanks to everyone for your input!

  8. Thank you to all of you that replied! This sounds like the way to go if you're flying home later in the day.


    One more question - as far as airlines charging an additional fee per bag - is that the normal baggage fees that you'd pay anyway, or an additional airline baggage fee layered onto the airline baggage fee you'd be paying anyway?

  9. If we opt for a late flight home after disembarking the Royal in Ft. Lauderdale, we want to be luggage-free. Does Princess offer a service where you set your bags out the night before disembarking and they deliver them to the airport for you? I feel like I read about it once but I'm not familiar with the process.


    How does it work exactly? What is the cost? Do you not see your bags again until you arrive at your home airport? If you've tried the service, can you share with me whether you were happy with it or not? I'd be a little worried about my bags being left in a corner of of FLL somewhere and forgotten, rather than making it onto my 6 PM flight!



  10. A few years ago we stayed in an inside aft cabin on Aloha deck on the Star and loved the easy access to the terrace pool and Horizon Court above. Currently looking at a Ruby cruise. Looks like Aloha deck aft has terrace pool access too? Can someone confirm? What about Riviera aft on the Ruby? Does that have access to terrace pool too? I can't quite tell from the deck plan. Thanks.

  11. Does anyone have any feedback on whether the North or South bound Inside Passage itinerary is better on Princess, and why? Looking into booking our first trip to Alaska. Definitely want to stay in Vancouver a few days, and would prefer to do that pre cruise, but can absolutely do the reverse route from Anchorage if it's better for some reason. Haven't started any research for the trip yet, just trying to determine dates and voyage to start with. Thanks.

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