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  1. I despise buffets. However, I will say the Windjammer on the Radiance was nice. My abhorrence of buffets doesn't have anything to do with the quality of food, I just don't like food being exposed for anyone to touch. I've seen a kid lick food, and a mother scold the child, only to say "You put that back!" Sure enough, the kid puts it back. Can't remember which cruise that was on. The MDR is definitely less populated than it used to be yes, but fairly less likely to have my food licked..
  2. That they did, like 5 or 6 times. No fault to the waiters though - they were as excellent as ever. They'd watch us cut the steak. A few times they took it away right after I cut it, since it couldn't have been any more raw if they forgot to cook it. Maybe they did.. Nonetheless, it was just an off cruise for us I guess.
  3. We didn't have an inside cabin when I sailed last week, but I was the 3rd person. It was simply a sofa with a mattress topper, with the sofa back removed. I've had interior once, and it too had a sofa. I would assume it's the same way.
  4. I understand the outsider feeling. When I was on Symphony last week, the activities listed on the app was much more than what was listed on the cruise compass. I think it would be great if they instituted their own twitter like environment in the app, with a hashtags to indicate what's going on, what's trending, etc. Obviously I can't do everything, but I'd like to try to spend each moment doing the optimal activity for the time I do have. To enhance my experience, I'll search out hashtags on instagram and other places to get a feel the ship and how it is. Of course, I'm one of those guys that thinks planning a cruise vacation is a pre-cruise excursion - I enjoy the heck out of it.
  5. I sailed the following week - my experience was similar to yours. The food across the board was really poor. In Chops alone, we had to return our meal 5 or 6 times over the 2 times we ate there. In general the food on the ship was no better than Applebee's and the like. My theory with that is that maybe bigger isn't better? Between all the restaurant choices and a record setting passenger capacity, I think they spread themselves too thin. Didn't even bother cashing in on the remaining nights on the dining package. My next cruise will be on a smaller ship for sure.
  6. You're right, I'd rather discuss how nice the food was. This go round was absolutely awful. Food has always been Royal's strong suit, so having awful food for the first time in a lot of cruises gets a pass. Hopefully the next one will make up for it.
  7. I was on that same cruises - what an awesome time it was! It is also my favorite ship.. There's chatter of a possible Alaska cruise next spring, so here's hoping we get to go on Radiance again!
  8. When I did Alaska, I did the White Pass train to the Canadian border, the sea plane (can't remember what excursion that was - was just ok, wouldn't do it again), and the helicopter ride to the glacier - a must do if you can!
  9. Yes. The dress code is not enforced so you can pretty much wear whatever you want.
  10. Just returned from Symphony of the Seas. I didn't see any tank tops or anything crazy. I find that cruise critic posters are more die hard, vocal of the bunch. They only represent a tiny fraction of the cruising world. If I want to eat with Walmart people, I'll go to Windjammer. That place has declined so much during my time with RCCL, and so has the rest of the food for that matter. I'd much rather be discussing why the food stinks across the board than to be discussing why the 8 people on board didn't dress up for dinner.
  11. I don't recall Johnny Rockets costing money in past cruises, but I also didn't get anything other than a milkshake from them. That brings me something else new to me - I remember getting a coupon booklet from Crown & Anchor or a free milkshake in past cruises (it's been at least 10 years since my last one). Each person got one, but now it's BOGO. The only reason I'm not complaining about it is because of all the restaurants that are on Symphony of the Seas, Johnny Rockets was the only one that was good. The food on RC is utterly AWFUL (on the first night we ate at Chops - I had to return my steak 3 times. It was so raw it wasn't even warm! We ate there again a few nights later, and this episode happened AGAIN!). I've gone from loyal to royal to a maybe 10% chance I'll choose them again next time out. Good excuse to branch out!
  12. Hello all, For those of you who have sailed on both, are there any noticeable differences between Royal and Princess? I have always believed that Princess was a step above Royal... I am asking for my mother, who booked a mini suite on the Golden Princess sailing to Alaska. I have sailed Alaska, so I have been advising her on shore excursions (White Pass, whale watching). I've looked over all the different ships with her, and advised her to choose Princess over Royal (About myself - I've been on 6 cruises, 3 with Carnival and 3 with Royal-, never sailed on Princess). I'm hoping I made a good choice. She will be sailing with a friend who has terminal cancer, so I am really wanting this cruise to be perfect. It will be her first cruise, my mother's 2nd but her 1st was 20 years ago.. How are the shows? The food? Are there any can't miss activities? It is to my understanding that her friend tires fairly easily, so I would think she would just do what she is capable of. Thanks!!
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