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  1. Under 12 are tested at the port, from the RC web site and directly underneath what you quoted above: Kids Age 2-11: Additional Complimentary Testing In addition to the pre-cruise test, kids will take one or two more tests, depending on the length of the cruise. Royal Caribbean’s test provider will administer these, at no cost to our guests. On boarding day, kids will take a complimentary rapid PCR test during check-in at the terminal. We’ll send registration details via email before departure. For cruises that are 5 nights or longer, kids will take a complimentary antigen test onboard before the cruise ends. Vaccinated guests who require a COVID-19 test for re-entry into their country may receive one onboard as well. Guests will be notified onboard about how to register for this test.
  2. Was on the 7/25 Adventure sailing. Yes, it was stressful completing all the requirements prior to board, but once on the ship it was awesome! Came home and booked a solo cruise on Odyssey for 10/9 and Freedom for 1/3, hoping capacity is still reduced as I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of an uncrowded ship!
  3. Thank you for posting! Will be sailing on her 10/9 and have been devouring all info I can find!
  4. Just now ordered a 2 pack from Optum site, not out of stock at this moment.
  5. We were there on 7/26 on Adventure, did a beach cabana but it was so empty it wasn’t necessary. Loved the beach club, like having your own piece of paradise!
  6. I think that I read one potential but temporary side effect is increased tooth sensitivity and gum irritation - would hate to have anything interfere with my ability to enjoy food and drink on a cruise!
  7. No video, but pics of balcony from aft corner 7688 - regular sized room but huge balcony!
  8. I am on the 10/9 sailing, no notification yet that Labadee is cancelled, and Labadee shore excursions still available in cruise planner - maybe they are still working on alternative port for this sailing?
  9. Getting a test here in South Florida is getting challenging - appointments are hard to come by, Miami Herald documented waits of 2-3 hours for test at some sights - plan ahead if you are cruising from Fort Lauderdale or Miami.
  10. We boarded Adventure today. Watched the video on our phone (in the Royal app, Safety section) while we were in Windjammer. When the video was complete, there was a little status bar that changed from “incomplete” to “complete”. Next step was to listen on our phone to the emergency signal - status bar for that task changed to “complete”. Last step was to report in person to muster station - we were asked if we watched the video, our set sail passes were scanned, and we were done - they did not do a presentation or make us wait. We were given a green RC sticker to put on our sea pass card to indicate we completed everything.
  11. I will be sailing on Odyssey in October in 7250 (same room as 7248 on Anthem), will post when I return. The cost was around $500 less than a regular balcony room when I booked it.
  12. Booked for 7/24 and sailing solo. I usually take along a grandkid or two, but that seemed too complicated at the moment, so I’m looking forward to a relaxing vacation! I too have no plans to get off the ship at Cozumel or Grand Bahama - perfectly content to hang out on my balcony with a good book and an adult beverage!
  13. I am booked on 7/17 cruise and also getting the “sailing suspended” message in cruise planner - if it doesn’t correct by next week I guess I will call customer service. So excited to cruise again!
  14. Thank you for posting this, so refreshing to read something like this! Made my day!
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