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  1. I have a Vancouver departure on June 28. Canada apparently will be closing its ports until July. My final payment date is March 30th so I'm going to hang in there a couple of weeks and see what happens
  2. hotels and theme parks don't share circulated air for a long period. you don't see anybody talking about shutting down all hotels. Airplanes, on the other hand...and you're not on them for a week. "The parks literally have no hand sanitizer anywhere." They do now. anyway I am guessing that all the parks (not just Disney) will be shutting down within a week. Disney will be fine eventually, but some may not recover.
  3. Rode the tram downtown. Easy and not expensive. I would say take the ship's shuttle only if you are unable to walk down to the tram stop. Although I don't know where the shuttle picks up.
  4. No insurance, I guess. I would think there's some insurance that would cover cancellation with regard to the health of close relatives, including those who are not going on the cruise. Not sure what Royal's insurance does but other lines might give a credit IF the cancellor purchased their insurance.
  5. I usually cruise with friends, but I do have to travel to meet up with them. and we don't do everything together onboard, so yes, sometimes I'll eat alone or sit on the deck alone or go to a show alone. we might even do different port excursions. Maybe the ones who find that unusual are just jealous.
  6. my guess is that Mr. Anello lifted the kid up to show her something outside the window and leaned her over so that she could look out, and now he doesn't want to admit it, even possible he blocked it out in favor of the "bang on the glass" story. Holding a doll is not like holding a real kid. They wiggle and sometimes resist. Also, the incident did not occur in a "glass-enclosed children's play space." They were standing on the pool deck behind a bar.
  7. it's not just that the person on the refreshment package should be able to purchase a drink, it's that in this case the passengers have told the cruise line, which requires everyone to have the same package, that the person with the refreshment package was medically unable to drink - so the line would make an exception to the policy that, admittedly, was put in place to make sure the packages weren't shared. So I'd kind of expect that there could be consequences if the person who claimed they were medically unable to drink alcohol buys themselves an alcoholic drink. Anyway they mus
  8. I couldn't imagine carrying around 10 bottles of water in port, that stuff's heavy. A couple cans I can handle. What benefits are they taking away from the packages? Water is still included, just in a different receptacle. I know, just on Vision so far, I'm getting on Vision on Saturday
  9. regarding Mr. Anello, there wasn't anything wrong with the boat. there's a reason why you don't put kids on railings. Window or no window. I agree, summary judgment is usually not granted at this point. And as noted the judge indicated why it wasn't dismissed and it has nothing to do with the content of the video.
  10. if it makes a difference, the Mount Gay visitors center is not the actual distillery, although they do have a bottling plant there. Foursquare is not especially close, it takes about a half hour to drive there from Bridgetown. they have a great rum tasting though. You will want to buy some bottles.
  11. if they turn me away from the islands, I still have the $18 per day "computer glitch" drink package on the ship.
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