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  1. 18 hours ago, ghstudio said:

    Depending on the ship and port, you may find that no one cares if you buy a bottle or two of wine/liquor and bring it back with you at the end of the day.  Additionally, there are a few embarkation ports where they scan  your luggage when you enter the hall to register and they aren't checking for alcohol....and there is no further check of your hand luggage when you get on the ship.


    Suggestion: don't buy at a store that says they will deliver to you on the ship....leave the store with the bottle(s).


    If you buy a bottle at a port, the worst that can happen is they keep it and return it the last night.  


    one additional twist if you are on B2B cruises.  Our experience is that any liquor you purchase and they hold during the first cruise will be returned the last night of the first cruise and you will just have to store it in your room for the second cruise.


    Of course all of this is highly variable and unpredictable.....our personal experience is that when we buy liquor and bring it back to the ship, they scan the bags and just ignore it and we take it to our room.  We've only been asked to check the liquor once...by a security person who asked us to check it at the desk against the wall behind him.  NP, we looked for the desk...no desk...so we just took it to our room.


    I'm not suggesting breaking the rules....just giving you a realistic view of what you may experience on your cruise.

    Completely agree. 

  2. 7 hours ago, Nessie07 said:

    On board now. Just back to Seattle. All is good on board and hopefully back on our way soon

    Hope power is restored quickly. 

    We are on the July 26 sailing. Please if possible, keep us up to date. 

    Thanks. Best of luck. 

  3. when we have gone to Blu at a busy time, we have been asked if we would share a table with others or if we preferred to wait for a separate table.  We have shared sometimes with very nice people. 

  4. On 6/5/2019 at 6:58 PM, hvbaskey said:

    Format for CELEBRITY MOVE UP TRACKER  - Last Revision:  June 05, 2019 (up to and including Post #29)


    • Ship:  Soltice
    • Length of Cruise:7days
    • Cruise Sail Date:July26,2019
    • Date email offer received:June 7
    • Captain’s Club Tier [“PREVIEW” = first Celebrity Cruise]: Elite
    • Booked through Celebrity Direct OR via TA: TA
    • Current Cabin:S2
    • Bid?  Yes/No:yes

    If YES -  Bidding Details:

    • Cabin Category: place winning category, if accepted (all category offers, can be mentioned in comments)
    • Bid Offer:
    • Notification Date:pending
    • Accepted / Rejected pending

    General Comments (offer details, etc.)


  5. On 6/26/2019 at 7:34 AM, BNBR said:

    If you do decide to park at the port, you don't book that ahead. Just park at the Midport garage which is right in front of the ship. Plenty of spots available, no stress or worry.  Up to you if the added cost vs park n go is worth the convenience. We prefer the garage at the ship. 

    Have parked at the port many times.  Never had problem finding a space.  A short walk to the ship.  Only $1per day more than parking off site.  No waiting.  Be sure to write space where you parked as garage is large.

  6. 2 hours ago, JFontaine said:

    Based on the last few weeks of the Edge sailings, they took almost all of the suites off-line on Monday, six days before the Sunday departure, and they started notifying people during the days that followed.  I was notified exactly 48 hours before departure (to the  minute) that my bid for a larger suite was rejected.  Good luck, good cruise to you. 


  7. 2 hours ago, jelayne said:

    When you turn on your phone just check to see that the signal is from your carrier.

    As long as the signal is from your carrier there should be no problem. As has been said put phone in airplane mode or turn off roaming when leaving port. Mine worked fine in Ft Lauderdale and Key West. 

  8. On 2/11/2019 at 10:22 PM, Oville said:

    This gave me a chuckle.  The worst short ribs I’ve ever had were in Luminae, a big dish of blubber. It was so bad it turned me off to short ribs for a few years. I’ve tried them again recently (November) in Blu and again on Viking Ocean (January) and they were fine but that blubber experience still lingers.:classic_blink:  Katie

    Just got off the Infinity. The short ribs in Blu were great. Like the more intimate dining in Blu which we find similar to Luminae. 

  9. Spreadsheet Updated - 15 February 2019 [up to including, #431]


    Format Update: please use the following fields (copy / paste into your reply) to submit your cabin information


    Ship: , Infinity


    Cabin: 1100

    Deck: # 11

    Class: Aqua

    Area/Location: , Aft

    Bed Location Wall-facing

    Quiet? Yes, 

    Balcony/ Excellent

    Balcony/Porthole Size: Standard, Large, Oversized, etc.

    Wind a Problem? No (if no, use comments)

    Soot a Problem? No

    no problem with noise from movies above. Very quiet. Not much room at foot of bed. 

  10. 10 hours ago, cruiserchuck said:


    Celebrity's website currently states as follows:




    "Premium Package

    $69 USD/per night*

    Just $14 per night more than Classic Package"



    I am not sure how Celebrity calculated the $14, but someone posted a week or so ago about being charged $14 per night to upgrade. 





    Just upgraded. It is $10 + $1.80 gratuity. 

  11. 12 hours ago, Cockatoos said:

    We will be cruising the West Caribbean in February 2019 and want to book a tour of Mayan ruins. Which one is the best to choose?

    Tulum is better as the bus ride there is shorter and more interesting than Chicen Itza.  Be prepared the ferry ride to the main land can be very rough.

  12. On 12/2/2018 at 6:15 PM, Host Anne said:

    The number cruizzzinma posted above worked for me yesterday.  Had a 5 minute wait.  I tried the Capt Club number on the contact us on the website (it is a different number from the one listed above) and the wait was more than 40 minutes when I hung us.  So I suggest using the number listed above.  Good luck!  They were most helpful!

    Same for me.  never get an answer when calling number on website.(30 minutes then hangup). will try number given here.

  13. On 10/29/2018 at 9:28 AM, jelayne said:

    We are E+ only went to the Elite cocktail hour once and have never used a coupon,  the reasons were the same that many complained about: 

    - most days hours to early for us as we are later diners and don’t want cocktail at 5 or 6

    - cocktails had to be consumed in the Lounge, so not able to go just before 7 and grab a glass of wine to take to dinner, or grab a drink to take to the cabin and enjoy on the balcony 


    -had to be properly dressed to go to the Lounge.


    IMHO extending the hours and allowing coupons to be used in almost all venues is an improvement to the Elite/E+  benefits.

    We will have our first cruise as elite coming up. Can we use the coupons at the Martini bar?

  14. We were on Dec 24 Asia cruise round trip from Hong Kong. Celebrity provided no shuttles at any of the ports. Hanoi and Ho Chi Min City are hours away. Also no local maps were provided. If you do private overnight to Hanoi, be careful who you choose. We also most miss ship on return. Ship held last tender 20 minutes for us but left before last 2 passengers returned.



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