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  1. Have any of you flown out of Barcelona before? We have a 1pm flight and were wondering just how soon we needed to plan to get to the airport. How is security, lines, etc? We'd love a little bit of sight seeing, or a scenic drive to the airport, but didn't want to rush if we didn't need to. Thanks, Lori
  2. Thank you so much for the detailed information! This is exactly what I was looking for. I had no idea on timeframe how long it would take us to get to/from port into Rome and then what we could realistically fit in (without worrying about making it back to the ship in time!) Now I can start making some plans (hoping that we get a positive response from the Scavi. Thanks again! Lori
  3. Hello, We are trying to get in on the excavation tour of the Vatican. I have written to them and am awaiting a response. If we are lucky enough to be able to get a date/time on the day that we are in port, can you tell me what else we might be able to have time to see that day? We will be in port from 8a-8p. How long will it take to get from the ship (docking in Civitavecchia) to the Vatican? I have heard that there is a train that we can take to get into Rome. Have any of you taken this train and if so, how reliable is it and how much is it? If we take the train into Rome, does it make sense to try and get a tour guide to pick us up there after our trip in the Vatican to see more of Rome or should we just do a tour on our own (or the hop on hop off bus)? This is our first trip to Rome and it will be my husband and I. We want to see as much as possible, but also don't want to kill ourselves. Outside of the Vatican, what else can we reasonably fit in? Thanks, Lori
  4. handfordr, Thank you for the wonderful input. We are actually arriving in London via Gatwick, and not sure how we will get to Dover yet (train?). I don' t know if that matters with the suggestions that you have below...but I thought I'd mention it. I am still researching how we will get from London to Dover for the cruise. And all of the hotels will be covered via points. So if they are more expensive, it will not be much difference to us with the points. We just want the best deal for the points that we are using. Would love to splurge, if it makes sense (I don't know if a category 6 hotel in London is the same as one in the States). Thanks! Lori
  5. JJ-Thanks so much for the feedback! :) Lori
  6. Hello, My husband and I will be arriving in London on October 7th to take a cruise out of Dover on the 8th. We will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary. I have accumulated enough points with Hilton to get a night at any of their categories of hotels. So I thought we would splurge. We are arriving at Gatwick at 7am and want to hit the highlights of London in the day that we have. Then spend the night and get up the next morning and travel to Dover for the cruise. Here is a list of the hotels that are available. Do any of you know anything (pros or cons) about any of these hotels?? Thanks in advance for all your help!! The Trafalgar London, The Waldorf Hilton, Hilton London Green Park hotel, London Hilton on Park Lane Hotel, Hilton London Euston Hotel, Hilton London Tower Bridge Hotel, Hilton London Metropole Hotel, Hilton London Paddington Hotel, Hilton London Islington Hotel, Hilton London Hyde Park Hotel, Hilton London Olympia hotel, Hilton London Kensington hotel, Hilton London Docklands hotel, Hilton London Canary Wharf Hotel, Wembley Plaza, Hilton Croydon hotel, Hilton London Heathrow Airport, Hilton Watford Hotel, Hilton Dartford Bridge Hotel, Hilton Cobham, Hilton London Gatwick Airport, Hilton Bracknell hotel, Hilton London Stansted Airport Hotel, Hilton St. Anne’s Manor (Bracknell), Hilton Maidstone hotel, Hilton Milton Keynes hotel, Hilton Basingstoke hotel, Hilton Brighton Metropole hotel Thanks, Lori and Keith