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  1. What Lois said!! 🙂 And OMG, kennystwin, you really really do look like him!! 😀
  2. I also received one on Wednesday, filled it out and returned. I thought it was a good idea.
  3. I also get aft balconies. I know everyone says you can go up on deck and see everything but I've found it is so crowded you can't see much, much better on my aft balcony.
  4. I do the same, an envelope of small bills. I travel solo and tip $2 for breakfast or other small things. If I order a room service dinner from the dining room menu, I usually tip $5. Gigi is right, they don't seem to expect it and, have it ready, they are in and out in a flash!! Sue
  5. What Lois said! I travel solo always and love it. Frankly, IMHO, and I'll probably get slammed, if you are that afraid you should probably not be traveling alone, you won't enjoy it. I've never felt "guarded" with anyone. 🙄 Sue
  6. I could never, ever travel in an interior cabin, has to be verandah or I don't go, just my personal preference. Although if it did happen, as NSnJW said, as long as I had books on the Kindle, Internet, food and wine, I'm OK!! 😀
  7. I have also gone with Island Wings and enjoyed it so much, they are the best IMHO. I also picked times that worked with my port times. Sue
  8. cruisehome, I was on Erodam last April and, as oaktreerb said, the music was good, a bigger selection than on the smaller ships. I am an avid fan of the BB King Blues band and went to that almost every night!!.
  9. I've always gotten it back the next day.
  10. Lois, I wish you a wonderful trip!! I tried to get on this cruise but was too late, someday I'd love to travel with you. I also leave in 2 weeks for a cruise. I'm retired and went nuts and am going on a 40 day to New Zealand via Hawaii, South Pacific on Holland (solo of course). Have a great cruise!! 😀 Sue
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