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  1. This may have already been posted but I did not see it. One of the world’s biggest cruise lines, Princess Cruises, recently canceled nearly all its sailings in the Caribbean and many other regions through at least Dec. 15.
  2. I think this pandemic has completely changed cruising as we know it. A long long time before we see 3600 or more passengers on a cruise ship. And higher prices.
  3. I don't think there will be a big demand until there is a working vaccine. Cinci is my home town.
  4. I think we are seeing the slow demise of cruising. As we are both in our 70's we have decided to not cruise any longer vaccine or not. Peer reviews state that in this type of virus Inactivated vaccines like the Flu vaccine had about 65% efficacy. And especially as stated in the OP. Just a feeling but I think the Sept. 15th date will be extended with the current multi state outbreaks.
  5. Carnival Cruise Line said on Monday it has extended its pause in operations for North American voyages until Sept. 30, as it determines how to safely resume service amid the COVID-19 pandemic. THe CCL stock is not doing very well as today's current price is about $16.95 down from a 52 week high of $51.94 and no dividend any longer. CCL has a monthly cash burn of $834 Million with about 7 months of cash on hand. They have 5 ship deliveries scheduled, so the thread about CCL selling some ships is probably accurate. But the big question is who will be in a position to buy
  6. Just a guess on my part, But I think the CCL Shareholder Credit will be eliminated, based on their current stock performance and the elimination of their Dividend payments.
  7. CCL gets an Avoid/Hold rating based on debt load by JP Morgan. CCL suspends it dividend to preserve capital. RCL and NCL get BUY rating by JP Morgan. I have lost so much money on my CCL shares, that I doubt I will ever recover at least from todays viewpoint.
  8. Sadly, we are done with Carnival/Princess and probably cruising in general which we loved before this FIASCO. Fortunately AMEX got us our deposit back. However we are having the same refund issue with Delta Airlines. They need to redeposit to my account 160.000 Skymiles which I used to purchase the airfare to CPH. They are not even answering their phones. Just a message, unable to take your call, GOOD BYE! If perchance they do answer, the message is your wait time on hold will be in excess of nine hours. While I am not out actual money, but the equivalent of a lot money. So, I guess it is goo
  9. If you bother to read the law, it lays out what your protection is under U.S. Federal law. It mentions your bank may give you more than 60 days but your Federal protection is as stated 60 days and that is to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission It applies to the minimum a financial institution has to live by. It also applies to services NOT DELIVERED. And, NO I am not another TA trying to discourage people from filing a dispute with their credit card company. Just trying to provide some information.
  10. Your rights under the Fair Credit Billing Act You have 60 days to dispute a charge. Here is everything you need to know. https://www.creditcards.com/credit-card-news/fair-credit-billing-act-1282.php
  11. I cancelled three months before final payment and still had to file a chargeback with AMEX to get my deposit back! Princess/Carnival has lost all credibility in my mind. IMHO I don't think they have enough money to make all the refunds.
  12. I just hope that CCL stock can recover a bit so I can unload it without taking too bad of a bath. I am not holding my breath however!
  13. How are people doing on their credit card disputes? Not well, from what I read!
  14. Bottom line for me, I no longer trust Carnival/Princess. They are still taking deposits for future cruises but not returning monies paid in an any way acceptable manner! So I think they have the money, but just hanging on to it. Lucky for me I always use AMEX and protested and got my money back in two weeks. Good luck to those of you who are still dealing with getting your money back! I won't be surprised if there is a bankruptcy in the not too distant future!
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