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  1. Greetings Host JazzBeau: Great news to hear you will get a refund without a fight! That is never a pleasant experience. Was your TA able to forward any documentation to confirm this for you? I am absolutely floored how Ponant has handled these reimbursements to its customers. I have been following this thread as I feel I may be in your this situation a few months from now. Have a cruise booked early July from Manila to Darwin. I think it's highly unlikely the Phillipines and Australia will not be welcoming US citizens by then! All the best in getting
  2. Some of this information re: Australian ports for year end 2020 is especially disconcerting. I was selfishly looking ahead for news related to a 2021 Ponant cruise in Australia, but I am completely shocked to think this company believes they can bring their clients in and out of this country for their cruises, 2-3 months from now. The US State Dept. has declared Australia at a Level 3: "reconsider travel". Travel between provinces is limited and if allowed, is enforced by 14 day quarantines which applies to foreign travelers as well and at your expense. Being an opt
  3. Thanks everyone for your comments. Tried booking online without success. Looks like a call to O is in order as pinotlover suggested.....
  4. I will be sailing on Marina January 2022. Can I book Privee now or do I need to wait until dining reservations are open for booking after final payment? Also, is it still $250 for the room or $250 per couple? I have read conflicting comments on CC....
  5. Thank you for the article....concerned for 2021 as well. Time will tell.
  6. I understand.....cancelled 5 trips (3 cruises) in the past 4 months. Unbelievable! What's more "fun" is working on getting the refunds. That's becoming a full-time job! Maybe there's a new career path ahead of me.....
  7. Has anyone ever had a TA try to charge a consulting fee for their time and expertise in helping them in planning a booking? This recently happened to a friend of mine and I find it a bit unethical. The TA asked for a check to be written out personally to her after the cruise was cancelled due to COVID 19.
  8. Happy for everyone receiving their well deserved refunds...yeah! Understand, I know to contact and work through my TA however when she is unresponsive to my calls and emails during this unique time, I had to take bull by the horns and went to plan "B" and contacted Celebrity directly. The rest is history. Finally after learning she quit and doing some investigating on my own, I'm finally getting results. Just trying to pass along what I have endured along the way to help others.
  9. Perhaps my day dealing with Celebrity, might help others.... My cruise was cancelled in March. I dealt directly with Celebrity for the refund even though I booked with a TA since reaching her was impossible. The travel portion was refunded in mid-May, approx $11,000. I received an email from Celebrity stating the taxes, insurance policy and trip excursions (approx $1,500) would be refunded in 30-60 days and appear as a credit on the my cards. Nothing has shown. I called today to be told all the money that was owed to me was paid and they couldn't discuss this matt
  10. After 77 days my refund has now appeared on my Visa card. There's hope.....
  11. Some of you are making me feel better. I cancelled a Sept 8 cruise on March 14. No refund of the deposit as of yet on my Visa card.....
  12. Hi Everyone: Our June 26 Alaska cruise was cancelled by Celebrity on 3/29 and I filed for a refund immediately. Yesterday I received the cruise portion of the refund, $11,000+. Still waiting on taxes, fees, and tours. I called backed on 5/7 for an update and I was informed by the rep. they were having a problem with their IT dept. which slowed refunds. My paperwork was refiled and the above is the result. I would suggest if anyone has electronically filed a refund and has not called to check on its status, to do so.
  13. Just got $3,300 off my January 2022 cruise!
  14. FYI: For anyone that has the AE Hilton Honors card, you can earn up to 12x extra pts. at the grocery store thru July: SUPERMARKETS From fresh produce to frozen treats, you’ll earn more. Earn an extra 6 Hilton Honors Bonus Points for each dollar of eligible purchases at U.S. supermarkets (for a total of 12 Points) from May 1, 2020 through July 31, 2020 when using your Hilton Honors American Express Surpass® Card. There is no enrollment required.1
  15. Thanks to all of you for your uplifting humor during this difficult time. Had to share this; keep things in perspective! Stay safe, Mary
  16. Our development in NC has decided to hang Christmas lights to celebrate Easter and as a symbol of support to our healthcare community! With approx 800 homes it should be very uplifting and fun especially for the children as well as the adults in making this happen.
  17. In response to OP: I cancelled a cruise approx 3 weeks ago and have yet to receive the deposit back on my CC from Oceania. Also waiting for reimbursement for a cruise cancelled by another company that happened 2 weeks ago . Hotel reservations, tours, etc have also been cancelled and credits have not been showing showing up yet either. The entire system is overloaded unfortunately and these transactions will time and patience on our part. If it's any comfort, you are not alone.....
  18. Anyone who has received a FCC, what are the details? Most importantly, what is the expiration date? Appreciate anyone willing to share.
  19. I just cancelled a cruise for Sept. O is refunding $2,500 of our $3000 deposit back on our cc and the difference, of $500 can be used towards a future cruise if booked between now and March 2021, otherwise it's lost.
  20. Can anyone tell me from their experience if the premium drink package is a complimentary benefit for the Celebrity Suite on the Solstice? Reading all the info, I'm getting confused trying to differentiate the various cabins, on the various ships. This will be our first cruise on Celebrity and just trying to sort everything out in advance. Appreciate any help!
  21. Blacklane always provides recent/new model luxury model sedans, such as Mercedes, BMW or similar There is a 2 hour "grace" period built into your quote for late arrivals you will not be billed if you are late for prearranged arrival time. Staff is extremely professional, always dressed in a suit and will go out of their way to help you:
  22. Dissect it however you wish.....Blacklane offers solid reliable service around the world. I speak from experience. Everyone is entitles to choice whatever service they prefer. Just trying to help the original post options, didn't realize the origin of the business or its dynamic was under scrutiny.
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