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  1. We are planning to rent a car for this period also (we are on the same cruise). do you think that overnight parking will be a problem at the port?
  2. Document everything in writing and contact Royal Weddings directly. Congrats to your daughter and her husband.
  3. We had Tanya on the Anthem for the new years cruise - her last cruise before moving onto her current contract. She is FANTASTIC.
  4. Anthem is definitely available the first 4 months of 2020.
  5. Thanks for the update. I was excited for like a minute. 😉
  6. Dennis NOT being the CD is music to my ears.
  7. From what I understand from reading some of the threads here, it was a family emergency.
  8. A thread in one of the Anthem of the Seas groups on Facebook has Dennis Charles already back as cruise director.
  9. I will be very curious to know how this works out - i hope folks who do this report back ...
  10. Wait - so Dennis is back on the Anthem now instead of the beginning of January? It's not still the activities director? I'm very sorry to hear about Dru. We got to sail with him twice - and I really liked him. Dennis I don't like as much (felt he was a little bit too full of himself and heard him talking down to his staff, which I really didn't like) but that's ok. it won't make or break a cruise for us.
  11. Agents are able to secure group space in advance which may lend itself to having less expensive prices for cabins than the prevailing rate.
  12. Solarium Bistro on Embarkation Day is one of hte better places to go. Most head to the Windjammer.
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