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  1. 14 hours ago, Twinklez123 said:

    My daughter just got married onboard the Rhapsody of the Sea.  They told her they had to be at a port to do the ceremony onboard.  Who knows if that's true or not since the whole thing turned out to be a disorganized mess.  We (I) paid a lot of money for one of their wedding packages and didn't get much for it at all.  No pre-planning or contact by wedding coordinator until a few hours before the scheduled time.  Nothing was setup until some of the wedding party got there early.  It was in the Crown and Anchor lounge with several groups of strangers milling about even in the background of the podium during the service.  The officiant was the wedding coordinator and, of course she botched the name of the groom and laughed when she couldn't pronounce the bride's last name.  I'm coaxing my daughter to let RC Weddings know how disappointing it was.  Luckily, she was glowingly beautiful and the groom and bridesmaids were fun, energetic people who smoothed things over and the wedding photographer was awesome.  Now, anybody know the best way to notify the Royal Wedding division?




    Document everything in writing and contact Royal Weddings directly.

    Congrats to your daughter and her husband.


  2. On 12/10/2018 at 5:48 PM, DonnaK said:

    OK...so this was a error on the flyer with all the officers names that was available in the Diamond lounge upon boarding.  Tornado Tanya is the current CD on Anthem, and she did an excellent job.  The rest of her team was kind of weak, though - perhaps it's because they are shorthanded, without an AM while Tanya fills-in as CD.




    Dennis NOT being the CD is music to my ears.

  3. 30 minutes ago, watson50 said:

    does anyone know the real reason why Dru abruptly left the Anthem? We cruised a b2b  from 

    Oct.27 through Nov 10 and he was exceptional.I have no problem at all with Dennis. have cruised with him before. just that curiosity is getting the best of me.I hope that Dru is fine and we will be seeing him again.see you all on our Dec.10 cruise. Keith


    From what I understand from reading some of the threads here, it was a family emergency.

  4. Wait - so Dennis is back on the Anthem now instead of the beginning of January? It's not still the activities director?


    I'm very sorry to hear about Dru. We got to sail with him twice - and I really liked him. Dennis I don't like as much (felt he was a little bit too full of himself and heard him talking down to his staff, which I really didn't like) but that's ok. it won't make or break a cruise for us.

  5. And we were supposed to leave this morning for a flight to San Juan - heading on the Jewel tomorrow. I vastly prefer having that one day cushion. In advance of the storm, i got spooked and changed my flight to Sunday morning. Of course, my original flight left on time this morning and now I will be stressed until we are on the flight down tomorrow. I hate flying in the day of a cruise but it is what it is.



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  6. BOGO is offered for the first 2 nights in Chops or Giovanni's. When we were looking at the table outside the Windjammer trying to decide, a manager came up and offered us 1/2 price and a bottle of wine at Izumi for the first night. We took him up on the offer. 1/2 price makes Izumi worth it, the ala cart prices make it a very expensive dining option. We liked Izumi best of all the specialty dining.




    Thanks. I figured that might be the case.



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