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  1. same with us, we always carry lots of $1 and $5 generally tip $1 per drink or $5 if the 4 of us are ordering, smae in the DL lounge or at any bars where we used the vouchers
  2. I am so sorry that you and everyone around you are going through so much, I cannot even start to imagine how difficult it must be. Take care.
  3. this thread moves so fast hard to keep up with the topics, my first concert: Johnny Halliday I think in 1978, I will be really impressed if anyone knows him.
  4. I grew up in southern France and all those talk about moules frittes, mayo on french fries and Provence is really making me home sick, I have not be able to go back since May 2019.
  5. it has to be fresh mayo homemade, not jar mayo, and it is the best on french fries so much better than ketchup
  6. I have a cruise on Anthem on January 9 and was really hoping that one would go, I certainly hope this is just talk and not facts.
  7. I do too, my favorite is when I see a horse and buggy at the gas station filling up cans with gasoline.
  8. Loved the pictures of Niagara Falls, my oldest went to Niagara university and loved it as they could go over to Canada and do the night scene there.
  9. I am really surprised that they would just reduce the fare, do you have a travel agent?
  10. I am curious to know if this project is moving forward, I could not find any new information about it
  11. I am so sad we were scheduled to go to empress in August to Canada, and were really looking forward to that cruise, it seemed to be the perfect ship for a port intensive cruise.
  12. I am currently living outside of Ithaca, the A&W I mentioned is in Cortland. and it is starting to snow and we could get up to a foot.
  13. I don't remember ever seeing plastic animals with the frosty mugs and right now everything is disable anyways no more frosty mugs
  14. Jumping on the A&W bandwagon, we have an old fashioned one near where I live where they come with the tray to you car, and you can get the frosty mugs as they come back and pick it up when you are done. Used to be my kids favorite and where they always went with their dad when I was out of town. Popeye just announced that they are selling a beignet with chocolate for the holidays, that might be worth looking into.
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