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  1. Plan is to tip well and hopefully they will find me when I’m in the casino.
  2. JMAE, That is the information I was looking for. We have extended balconies with no offset. Thanks
  3. Just booked a cruise with the casino drinks on us. If I want a drink before a show or comedy club can I just go by the casino and get one?
  4. We have friends on the 7th floor with their room beside ours. Are we able to open the door to the balconies to connect?
  5. We are platinum members with carnival and have some great perks with them. They both visit Juneau, Skagway, Icy strait, Tracy Arm, and Victoria. Any help is appreciated.
  6. Looking at taking our first cruise to Alaska. We have 16 Cruises under our belt all in the Caribbean. We use carnival and they leave out of San Francisco (10 day) and Seattle (7 day). The price for both are about the same. If you’ve done one or both give the advantage of using one or the other. I do know there is a three day difference.
  7. Just got 200 dollars off our February cruise. We had not finished paying so it was deducted from final payment. Our PVP took care of it.
  8. This summer we had a group of 10 and was able to sit at the same table every night. Have one person get in line at opening time and be personal with the seating staff.
  9. Raffitsea you are right it was our vacation and we had a ball. Some in our group was a little hesitant at first but had a great time doing this. We try and do some things outside the box. It makes life and cruises fun.
  10. We had several people tell us how much they enjoyed our costumes, including staff. We plan on doing different costumes each cruise.
  11. We didn’t even wait until Halloween, this was from summer.
  12. We left the hotel at 10. After about ten minutes we were in the check in line. We sat in the waiting room for a few moments while a wedding party got on and were called shortly after. If you want to get on early I would suggest arriving around 10:15. Our room and keys were ready as we made this our first stop.
  13. We did experience a basketball game when we were eating but we realized they were doing what they wanted to do and we didn’t let it interrupt our vacation.
  14. We did have a delay in Raleigh NC but no delays in FLL.
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